Organic microgreen seeds

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  • Azuki Bean Organic seeds for Delicious Microgreens

Microgreen Seeds: Organic Seeds for Nutritious Sprouts and Shoots

Welcome to our category of organic microgreen seeds, where you will find an impressive selection of seeds that are particularly suitable for growing nutritious and tasty sprouts and shoots. These tiny plants are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they add a fresh twist to your dishes. Let's explore what our microgreen seeds have to offer and how they can help you improve your diet and well-being.

Different types of organic microgreen seeds

Vegetable seeds for microgreens

Grow microgreens from a variety of vegetable seeds such as broccoli, red cabbage, red radishes and much more. These microgreen varieties are known for their high nutritional content and their crisp, fresh taste.

Herb seeds for microgreens

Herb seeds like basil, coriander and parsley can also be grown as microgreens. These little sprouts add an intense and aromatic flavor to your dishes and are a great way to incorporate fresh herbs into your daily diet.

Pea and bean sprouts

Pea and bean sprouts are another popular type of microgreens that are easy to grow and incredibly nutritious. These shoots contain a number of essential nutrients and provide a rich, nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with salads and stir-fries.

Organic microgreen seeds of high quality

Certified organic seeds

All of our microgreen seeds are certified organic by recognized organizations, ensuring they meet strict organic standards and are free of harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Fresh seeds with high germination capacity

We prioritize freshness and quality and ensure that all our microgreen seeds are fresh and have a high germination capacity. This gives you the best chance of achieving healthy and lush microgreens.

Wide selection of varieties

Our microgreen seed range includes a wide selection of varieties carefully selected for their taste, nutritional content and growing characteristics. This allows you to experiment with different types of microgreens and find your personal favorites.

Cultivation and use of microgreens

Easy and fast cultivation

Microgreens are incredibly easy and quick to grow, making them perfect for beginners and seasoned gardening enthusiasts alike. Most microgreens germinate and are ready for harvest within 1-3 weeks, depending on the variety. This means you can enjoy fresh, nutritious sprouts almost all year round.

Cultivation on the windowsill or greenhouse

Microgreens can be grown indoors on the windowsill, on the balcony or in a greenhouse, or on a shelf in the winter with artificial green light. This makes it possible to grow microgreens even if you have limited space or live in an apartment without a garden.

How to use microgreens in cooking

Microgreens are incredibly versatile and can be used in a multitude of dishes. They can be added to salads, sandwiches, smoothies and much more. In addition, microgreens can be used as a beautiful and edible garnish on your dishes, giving them a fresh and colorful appearance.

Inspirational and informative content

Blog posts and articles about microgreens

We want to support you in your microgreen cultivation and therefore offers inspiring and informative microgreen blog post and articles on the subject. Here you can read about everything from sowing microgreen seeds and caring for the plants to tips for using microgreens in cooking and recipes with home-grown sprouts.

Videos and tutorials about microgreens

To make it even easier for you to grow microgreens, we also offer videos and tutorials that show you step by step how to sow, care for and harvest your microgreens plants. These resources are designed to help both beginners and experienced gardening enthusiasts get the most out of their microgreen growing.

Customer support and guidance

We're here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about our organic microgreen seeds and growing sprouts and shoots. If in doubt, there is a perfect opportunity to contact us at Plant lights and learn more about our products or counselling

Discover our range of organic microgreen seeds

Explore our category of organic microgreen seeds and discover the large selection of fresh and nutritious sprouts and shoots waiting to be grown in your garden or windowsill. With our high-quality seeds, informative content and dedicated customer support, we're here to help you grow healthy and flavorful microgreens that can enrich your diet and well-being.

Organic microgreen starter packs and growing kits

If you are new to microgreen growing or want to try different varieties, we offer organic microgreen starter packs and grow kits. These kits include everything you need to get started growing microgreens at home, such as seeds, growing media and grow trays.

Suitable growing media for microgreens

To get the most out of your organic microgreen seeds, it is important to choose the right growing medium. We offer organic growing media that are particularly suitable for growing microgreens, including coconut flour. These media ensure a good water and air balance, which is essential for healthy and lush microgreen plants.

Cultivation trays and equipment

To make it easy and convenient for you to grow microgreens at home, we offer different types of growing trays and equipment. These include recyclable plastics sprout hills, seedling glass, suitable for different types of growing media and microgreen seed.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

We are proud to offer organic microgreens seeds and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. By choosing our organic seeds and cultivation products, you support a more sustainable and responsible gardening and contribute to protecting the environment and the surrounding ecosystem.

Dive into our category of organic microgreen seeds and discover the large selection of nutritious sprouts and shoots waiting to be grown in your garden or windowsill. With our high-quality seeds, informative content and dedicated customer support, we are here to help you create a healthy and sustainable microgreen garden that can bring joy and nourishment to you and your loved ones.

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