About Plantelys.dk

Plant lights.dk is a Danish e-commerce platform that specializes in delivering everything customers need within grow light and accessories. Our goal is to help both professional and hobby gardeners get the most out of their plants and crops using the best lighting technology.

If you're a gardener or farmer, you know that lighting is critical to how well your plants thrive. Plantelys.dk helps you choose the right equipment for your plants and gives you advice on how best to use it.

Why should you choose us?

There are many grolys stores online, so why choose us?

We only sell products that have proven to be of the highest quality standards. We want to ensure that you, as our customer, buy a product from us that really benefits you and that you will be completely satisfied with. That's why we offer 14-day free returns and a 2-year warranty on all our products! (see Return and Refund Policy)

We offer the best prices! Our priority is to make sure our customers don't overpay… ever again! We do this by offering products that we have found to be the most cost-effective solution for a given price. We constantly check our competitors' prices and adjust our prices to give you the best value for your money.

We offer a tailored approach to each of our clients! As we want to ensure that our customers get the right product for their needs, we are always open to free consultations regarding advice that may be needed to choose the best product for the specific situation. Send us a message either via email, Facebook or give us a call and we will always be happy to help you!

Do you need help choosing the right grow light for your plants?

We have a team of knowledgeable growers who are passionate about indoor growing. Our team has experience with different types of LED lights in different growing conditions. We offer our customers a free consultation to choose the best LED grow lights at a low price for their specific growing needs!

Sustainable plant growth

Plantelys.dk develops sustainable technology solutions for the hobby gardener and modern horticulture - from commercial nurseries and garden centers to large vertical farms and research horticulture.

We are specialists in lighting technology that optimizes the efficiency of your culture's growth. We deliver complete and configurable solutions for nurseries, offices and private households.

Get help from our specialists in plants and lighting.