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Mini greenhouses & Seed trays

Welcome to our sprouting boxes and sprouting trays category! Here you will find a carefully selected assortment of sprouting boxes and sprouting trays, designed to help you grow healthy, strong and lush plants from seeds or cuttings. Our products are of high quality and have been created to make it easy and efficient to germinate your plants indoors or in the greenhouse

Get started quickly with the pre-germination of plants

With a sprout tray, or plant tray, you can quickly get started with new plants for your greenhouse, garden bed or kitchen garden. Spring can be started a little earlier because you can start before the ground is frost-free. With a plant tray, heating mat and grow lights can you have your plants ready for transplanting when the sun in spring has warmed up the soil enough.
When you have planted out or transplanted into larger pots, your sprout box is ready to be filled with growth medium and seeds again.

QuickPot seed trays

From Dutch Quickpot, we have a large selection of seed trays/prick trays and microgreen trays in 100% recycled plastic. These pre-germination trays and mini greenhouses are made in an extra thick quality so they can be reused year after year. In addition, they can be washed in a dishwasher, so cleaning the Quickpot trays is super easy.

Successful pre-germination in seed trays

Growing plants in seed trays and mini greenhouses requires a few simple steps:

  1. Use a good quality seed soil/coconut flour, which is intended for the germination of plants, as it will provide the best conditions for the roots to grow.
  2. Fill the seed tray with soil until it is about two-thirds full. Compact the soil lightly to remove air bubbles.
  3. Place the seeds on the ground and cover them with a thin layer of soil. You can also put a thin layer of fine sand on top of the soil to hold the seeds in place.
  4. Water the seeds gently so that the soil is moist but not flooded. You can use a spray bottle or a small watering can to water.
  5. Cover with a mini greenhouse lid to keep the moisture in. This will help maintain a constant environment that is optimal for germination.
  6. Place the seed tray in a bright area, but not in direct sunlight, as this can dry out the soil too quickly. Or even better under a good full spectrum grow light.
  7. Remove the mini-greenhouse lid when the seedlings approach the underside of the lid and transplant them into larger pots when the roots have filled the cell of the seed tray.

By following these steps, your plants should be well on their way to sprouting and growing. Remember to water regularly and give them enough light so that they continue to grow strongly.

Accessories and additional equipment

Heating mats and heating cables

To give your plants the best start and optimal germination conditions, we offer heating mats, that can be used together with mini-greenhouses and seedling trays. These products help maintain a constant soil temperature and create an ideal environment for seed germination and growth.

Lighting and plant lights

To ensure optimal growth and health for your sprouts, we also offer a selection of lighting solutions and grow light, which is designed specifically for the germination and growth of plants. These light sources simulate natural sunlight and help your sprouts develop correctly and achieve strong growth.

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