Spire tray

  • Small sprouting tray set for growing microgreens Green/white 22.7×14.5×2.5cmSmall sprouting tray set for growing microgreens Green/white 22.7×14.5×2.5cm
  • Sprouting tray for growing microgreens purple/whiteSprouting tray for growing microgreens purple/white
  • Microgreen small starter pack, light, tray, clock, growing mediaMicrogreen small starter pack, light, tray, clock, growing media

Sprout tray for sprouts and microgreens

Welcome to our "Sprout Universe" category, a true paradise for everyone who loves to grow sprouts and micro green at home. Here you will find everything you need, from sprouting trays and sprouting boxes to sprouting bowls that ensure optimal germination of your seeds. We have one large selection of organic seeds, that is ready to be planted. Try bean sprouts for a healthy snack, or grow chia sprouts for a nutritious addition to your meals. Our sprout trays allow you to grow a wide selection of sprouts and microgreens in your own kitchen. With our products, you can easily experience the joy of growing and harvesting your own sprouts and microgreens.

What is a sprout tray?

A sprout tray is an essential part of growing sprouts and microgreens at home. This low, flat container is specifically designed to support optimal growth of small plants. It is typically equipped with drainage holes to prevent overwatering and rotting. Sprout trays come in different sizes to meet different needs and quantities of sprouts. They are most often made of plastic, which is easy to clean and reuse. But they can also be bought in the more durable stainless steel, which can last a long time. These trays are particularly useful in indoor gardens where space is limited but the need for fresh vegetables and herbs is great. With a sprouting tray, you can easily and conveniently grow your own sprouts and microgreens, no matter how small your home is.

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