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Fertilizer - growing media - plant soil

Different growing media and fertilizers are required to germinate plants. Coir and seeding soil may be suitable for seeds to be germinated indoors. Heating mats and grow lights can provide the necessary conditions for germination. Organic fertilizers, different fertilizers and suitable potting soil are important for healthy growth. Monitor the plant's growth, adjust the amount of fertilizer and water as needed, and provide the appropriate amount of light and heat. 

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PH value of topsoil

PH Value

What is pH value? As interest in being self-sufficient and promoting sustainable plant cultivation grows among hobbyists and professionals alike, the

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Growth Technology Ltd.

Learn more about Growth Technology

Growth Technology has been a leader in the development of innovative horticultural products since its founding in 1985. Since 1985, the company has focussed on developing

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Basil - Herbal fertiliser

Herbal Fertiliser: Your Ultimate Guide

Herbal Fertilisers: Natural and sustainable fertilisers for plant growth and health In the quest for a more sustainable approach to horticulture and agriculture, herbal fertilisers have become

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