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Liquid fertilizer from Big Plant Science

Danish developed and produced liquid fertilizer suitable for Danish water conditions!

Big Plant Science liquid fertilizers are designed to deliver essential nutrients to your plants, promoting healthy growth and flowering. This scientifically developed fertilizer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor plants, including vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.

The fertilizer contains a carefully balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and essential micronutrients that meet the nutritional needs of your plants at all stages of growth. Its liquid form makes it easy to dose and apply, ensuring your plants get the right amount of nutrients they need.

Big Plant Science liquid fertilizer is quickly absorbed by plants, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the fertilizer almost immediately. In addition, this fertilizer is environmentally friendly as it is free from harmful chemicals that can cause environmental pollution.

With this liquid fertilizer you can expect robust, healthy plants that thrive and bloom in abundance. Give your plants the best care and nutrition with fertilizers from Big Plant Science.

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