• Plagron Cocos A+B 1L (2x1L) - coco soil cultivationPlagron Cocos A+B 1L (2x1L) - coco soil cultivation
  • Plagron pH minus (59%) Regulator 500ml
  • Plagron Calmag Pro 1L
  • Plagron Power Roots 100ml
  • Plagron Lemon Kick organic pH regulator 500mlPlagron Lemon Kick organic pH regulator 500ml
  • Willow compost 'DYRK' bigbag | Spagnum-freeWillow compost 'DYRK' bigbag | Spagnum-free

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PH value of topsoil

PH Value

What is pH value? As interest in being self-sufficient and promoting sustainable plant cultivation grows among hobbyists and professionals alike, the

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What is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is a vital biological process that allows plants, algae and certain bacteria to convert sunlight or artificial light, water and carbon dioxide into glucose (a

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