Mirror pools


Choose a Danish-made mirror pool from Plantelys for quality and value.

Our range, which includes everything from elegant to robust designs, promises durability up to 20 years, saving you costs and hassle. Our mirror pools, made from 5 mm steel, create magical reflections and a reddish brown patina that enriches your outdoor space. With customisation options, we ensure that your reflecting pool fits perfectly into your garden, transforming it into a living, beautiful work of art.

Unique reflecting pools for every garden

Discover our unique range of reflecting pools designed to complement any garden, regardless of size or style. From minimalist designs to intricate sculptures, our reflecting pools add a touch of elegance and calm, creating reflections that enhance the natural beauty of your garden.

Transform Your Garden with a Mirror Pool from Plantelys

Let a mirror pool from Plantelys become the centrepiece of your garden transformation. With the ability to reflect the sky and surroundings, a reflecting pool brings a sense of space and openness to even the smallest gardens, creating a peaceful and enchanting space.

Customise Your Mirror Pool: From Black Lacquer to Iron

Our customisation options ensure you can find the perfect reflecting pool for your garden. Choose from materials such as black lacquered steel and iron to match your personal style and garden aesthetic, all while enjoying the durability and quality of our craftsmanship.

Create Magic in the Garden with Mirror Pools

A reflecting pool is not just a water feature; it's a magical element that can transform your garden. The reflection of light and clouds creates a living work of art that changes with the day and the seasons, adding depth and dimension to your outdoor oasis.

Mirror pools: From Wildlife to Relaxation in the Garden

Invite nature into your garden with a reflecting pool. Water features attract birds, insects and other wildlife, creating a dynamic ecosystem. At the same time, it offers a quiet place for relaxation and reflection, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or simply the calming sight of water.