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Who do you trade with?
You shop with PlanteLys.dk

The head office and showroom are located in Glostrup at the address:

Plant lights v/SunFlux ApS
Roholmsvej 10K
2620 Albertslund

CVR number: 33772017
E-mail: service [@] plantelys.dk
Phone: +45 43 474 272

Conclusion of agreement, as well as errors on the website and in orders

The order assignment sent to the customer is not to be considered as an agreement but solely as an offer, and an agreement is only concluded when SunFlux.dk has forwarded a final order assignment for the purchase.
Offers on Plantelys.dk are aimed at private customers. In relation to business customers, this is only an invitation to make an offer.

We reserve the right to cancel a transaction if incorrect prices are given on the website, as these are automatically calculated. Plantelys.dk also reserves the right to limit the number of units sold at a special marketed price, as we will always prioritize sales to private individuals.

The email received after an order has been completed is thus only a copy of the shopping cart, and not Plantelys.dk's acceptance that the transaction has been completed. In cases where the order quantity is not accepted, the buyer will be contacted by customer support as soon as possible.


Discount codes and other discounts may not be used on already reduced items, reservations are made for system and printing errors. 

Purchase conditions

When you buy from our shop, we offer the option to add to your existing order after the purchase has been completed. This is done by selecting 'Add to order' on the receipt page. You will then receive a new order confirmation with the updated order total. This option is available until the 'Add to order' button is no longer clickable.

Delivery times

NOTE – Please note that the delivery times are indicative in relation to the delivery time that the supplier in question has announced to us. It may happen that some items are temporarily backordered and may therefore take a little longer. This is especially true for foreign manufacturers. We will contact you as soon as possible with an expected delivery time when this is available to us.

Purchase of goods

When you have selected the items you want and placed them in the shopping basket, you must fill in your personal information such as name, address and payment information. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation of your order per e-mail. Please note that this is not the final invoice.

As soon as the payment is approved and the item is registered in our warehouse, you will receive an email regarding the dispatch of your order. In the email, we inform you of your personal package number, which you can always track. You will also be able to see your receipt in the form of the final invoice attached to the email. PlanteLys ApS only deducts the amount for your purchase when the item has been dispatched from our warehouse.

If you have further questions regarding the purchase of goods from PlanteLys ApS or would like personal service and guidance, you are very welcome to contact customer service by phone +45 43 474 272 on weekdays between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm. 8.00 and 15.00, or write to service @ plantelys.dk and we will be happy to help you.


Private purchases (B2C)

At plantelys.dk you can pay with payment cards such as Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, eDankort, VISA Electron, JCB cards, American Express, MobiPay and ViaBill.

The amount will be deducted from your account when the goods are dispatched from our warehouse. All prices at plantelys.com are quoted in DKK and include 25 % VAT. We only withdraw the money at the moment we invoice the goods.

The classic Bank Transfer is also an option, where we ship the item as soon as the payment is registered in our system.

Public institutions

EDI/EAN invoicing used in the public sector is also available. 

Select EAN payment and note the EAN number in the comment field.

For EAN purchases for less than DKK 500 (ex VAT), we may choose to add a handling and administration fee of DKK 100.

Business customers (B2B)

Business customers can purchase on Plantelys with a credit card or EAN number. However, the conditions that apply to Trade Purchases will apply. If you wish to receive a quantity discount, special payment terms or terms of trade, these must be agreed before a purchase agreement comes into force. If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us for an agreement.


At Plantelys.dk, cookies are used with the aim of optimizing the website and its functionality, thus making the visit as easy as possible for you. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time, how depends on your browser.

Log statistics

We use log statistics on Plantelys.dk, which means that a statistics system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the website they leave, etc. The log statistics are only used for the purpose of optimizing Plantelys.dk

Loyalty programme

We value our customers deeply and strive to create a mutually positive relationship. With that approach, we are introducing a loyalty programme designed to reward our regular customers.

When you purchase products from us, you will earn loyalty points based on the value of the purchase, excluding VAT. These points are accumulated in your account and can be used to obtain discounts on future purchases. It is important to note that loyalty points can only be used to purchase goods and cannot be exchanged for cash.

35 points = 1 kr.  

For every krona purchased (excluding VAT), 1 loyalty point is awarded. When points are redeemed, 40 points earned will be converted to 1 krona discount. Please note that loyalty points are not earned on shipping costs.

We reserve the right to close the account if there is a suspicion of abuse, upon closure of an account all earned points will be removed with no possibility of restoring points.

We reserve the right to adjust the terms of the loyalty programme, such as point values and functionalities, or to discontinue the programme, as we see fit. Should we decide to terminate the programme, this will be communicated in advance.

We reserve the right to close the loyalty programme without prior notice and compensation and payment of points. 

To join the loyalty programme, it is necessary to create a free user account. This step ensures that you can earn and use your loyalty points. Remember to log in to your account for future purchases to ensure that you continue to earn points. Please note that points cannot be added to your account retrospectively if the purchase was made without being logged in.

We look forward to building an even stronger relationship with you through our loyalty programme.

Please note that all unused loyalty points will be deleted after 1 year.


We deliver throughout Denmark and, unless otherwise requested, we ship with GLS.

The expected delivery time if the item is in stock in the desired colour/variant is typically 1-5 business days otherwise there is an expected delivery time to our warehouse on each individual product. You will always be able to track your order via the link we sent you when you placed your order. If the delivery date cannot be met, you will receive an update from us. If it is an order item, the production time can be seen in the item text and thus this must be added to the expected delivery time.

However, plantelys.dk cannot be held responsible for delays with the shipping company.

We send all items as parcel post. This makes it possible to track the package in case of problems or if the goods are insured. Certain goods must be sent out on a ½ pallet due to the weight, size or fragility of the goods.

Please check the contents of the package upon receipt and before installation. If this is not done within a reasonable time (2-3 days) after receipt, Plantelys.dk cannot be held responsible for damage. At the same time, please check for defects and whether it is the correct item. If the parcel and/or the contents are damaged when you receive it, you must file a claim. Here you will be guided through several steps, including attaching a number of pictures. Your complaint will then be handled by our customer service. We endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We always pack the goods with the utmost care to minimise the risk of shipping damage.

In the event of a dispute about defects in deliveries, the Danish Sale of Goods Act's defect rules may apply (§8(1)(14)).

More bookings

If you place several orders on the same day and would like to have the purchases sent together, you can choose pick-up on order no. 2, 3 .... - this saves postage, remember to state the invoice number of the shipment the additional order(s) will be sent with.

Incomplete address

PLEASE NOTE: Address labels are printed automatically from our system, so it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the address or choice of parcel shop/delivery point is correctly entered.

Shipments that are returned to us due to incorrect address or because they are not picked up will be refunded EXCLUDING shipping costs! Seeds and plants, planting material is NOT refundable.

Free Shipping 1000

Buy for a minimum of DKK 1000 and we give you free shipping - otherwise it costs from DKK 47 to Denmark. – Only applies to GLS parcel shops. – Note! there is no free shipping to Danish private addresses, business addresses, foreign addresses, as well as the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. 

Cancellation and Return Policy


Host plantelys.dk We offer a 14-day full right of return from the day you receive your goods.
Remember that the item must always be sent back in proper and original packaging and at the same time without damage (no writing or unnecessary use of tape on the original box), and always get a receipt for sending your return package.

The only cost you have when you regret it is the postage to send the item back to us.
Incorrect or improper packaging could cause damage to the cargo with the consequence that we reject the claim, so remember to be careful. You are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance on transport.

Your order must be returned to us without undue delay and no later than 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You yourself bear the direct costs in connection with the return of the goods.
You bear the risk for the goods from the delivery of the goods, and upon return you are responsible for the goods being properly packed.
If the item has been fitted or otherwise shows signs of wear, use and/or damage, we reserve the right to refuse to take it back.

The item is returned to:

 SunFlux ApS
 Roholmsvej 10K
 2620 Albertslund 

PlanteLys ApS recommends that the item be returned as parcel post. In this way, it is possible to track the package and it removes any doubt as to whether the item has been delivered to PlanteLys ApS. You also have the option of requesting the package if delivery has not taken place.

Due to their nature, certain goods cannot be returned by normal post. This applies to large, heavy or otherwise unwieldy products, or if large quantities are concerned.

Items returned cash on delivery or sent without postage will be refused by Plantelys.

Once we have received the item and approved the return, we will transfer the purchase amount to your account as soon as possible in accordance with section 21 subsection of the Consumer Contracts Act. 3 and 4. We only refund to the credit card with which the goods were purchased. This is to avoid illegal use of stolen credit cards. If you have received the item as a gift and are therefore not the holder of the card used during the original order, it is possible to have the money transferred to another account number. In such cases, remember to enclose the registration and account number for a bank transfer. And remember to save your postal receipt as documentation that the item has been dispatched.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no right of return on customised products, including cut-off products (e.g. LED strips, ).

It should be noted that it can be difficult to exercise the right of withdrawal on live beneficials such as predatory mites, parasitic wasps and nematodes, as any return can practically result in the death of the beneficials in the process. As a result, they cannot be considered to be returned in substantially the same condition and quantity. This also applies to plants.

Uncollected item

Refusal of receipt or unclaimed goods is not considered a valid reason for cancellation of the purchase - only cancellations notified to us in writing are valid. In case of unclaimed goods or refused receipt, only the purchase price of the item will be refunded, minus handling and handling fee of 15%. In addition, we will also deduct the cost of the return shipment. For uncollected items from Plantely's warehouse, we will deduct 5% from the order's price for storage, per commenced month.

You can also

The new complaints system collects all consumer complaints about goods and service purchases made online in the EU.

This means that you now have the opportunity to complain directly to the European webshop where you have purchased a product or service that has not lived up to expectations.

The new complaint system works in such a way that consumers submit their complaints directly on the ODR site, after which it is automatically translated into the current language and forwarded to the relevant webshop. The webshop then has the option of pressing a green or red button, depending on whether you accept the complaint or not.

The green button sends the complaint to a local consumer complaint board (for the webshop) bypassing the court system as we know it in Denmark with, among other things, the insurance complaint board and the telecomplaint board.

If, on the other hand, the company presses the red button, the complaint is rejected and the consumer must, as before, contact the local Danish complaints board or Consumer Europe with their complaint in the 'good', old-fashioned way with emails, phone calls and long waiting times for the decision.

If you as a consumer want to complain about your purchase, you must contact customer service at Plantelys ApS. If we are unable to find a solution, you can send a complaint to the following:

House of Names
Customs booth 2
8800 Viborg

If you live in an EU country other than Denmark, you can complain to the EU Commission's online complaints portal right here:
– http://ec.europa.eu/odr

Depreciation - From the e-mark's guide to calculation

If the consumer has used the item, it is equal to impairment.
If the consumer handles the product beyond what is normally permitted in a store and the value of the product is impaired, PlanteLys has the right to deduct this impairment from the return amount. The reduction in value is calculated as the difference between the sales price of the product and the market price of the product when sold after the return.

The market price must be understood as the product's value in retail sales from online store to consumer, and not in sales between online stores or between consumers.

In certain cases, goods, based on use, no longer have any value. In these cases, you are not entitled to a refund of the purchase price.

The packaging can play a role in the depreciation
If you open, damage or lose the packaging, there may be a reduction in value. If the packaging has an effect on the value of the goods upon resale, the price for new packaging must be deducted.


All products are covered by the 24-month warranty under the Danish Sale of Goods Act. The right of complaint means that you as a customer can complain about defects and deficiencies in the product that have occurred within 24 months of purchase. The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear and tear caused by incorrect use, lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear.

The right of complaint also does not cover the germination of plant seeds, fertilisers, planting material and plants.

In case of complaints, errors and omissions or in case of missing deliveries, please use the link we sent you when you placed your order with us.

If you have any questions about this, please contact customer service on tel. 43 474 272 or service [@] plantelys.dk.


We will refund reasonable shipping costs

For complaints, we pay the return shipping, so please do not send anything back until we have authorised the complaint. If any claim is submitted to us without any shipping costs having been approved by us, the shipping costs cannot be reimbursed by Plantelys. 

The item(s) are sent to:
SunFlux ApS
Roholmsvej 10K
2620 Albertslund
*Remember to attach a copy of your invoice

Trade purchases (B2B)

If you make a purchase as a business customer, you are subject to the Danish Sale of Goods Act and not the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

For commercial purchases, we do not provide a right of return or warranty on goods and services purchased from Plantelys. Nor do we provide compensation for losses due to delays. If you require other terms and conditions for commercial purchases, please contact us before ordering. 

Plantelys shall not bear the risk of accidental loss or deterioration of the goods during delivery. If Plantelys is held liable for infringement of third party rights, the buyer is obliged to compensate Plantelys for all losses Plantelys may suffer as a result thereof. If there are defects in the delivered goods, the buyer may, within 5 days after delivery, demand rectification or delivery at Plantelys' discretion.