• Plagron Hydro a+b (2x1L) hydroponic cultivationPlagron Hydro a+b (2x1L) hydroponic cultivation
  • Plagron Cocos a+b 1L (2x1L) - coco soil cultivationPlagron Cocos a+b 1L (2x1L) - coco soil cultivation
  • Plagron pH minus (59%) Regulator 500ml
  • Plagron Calmag Pro 1L
  • Plagron Lemon Kick organic pH regulator 500mlPlagron Lemon Kick organic pH regulator 500ml

PLAGRON: Dutch quality products for plants

Plagron from the Netherlands is recognized as a reliable global supplier of premium organic products. With an extensive range of substrates, fertiliser and additives, this leading company guarantees both high quality and competitive prices.

Explore their popular basic series such as Terra, Cocos and Hydro. Supplement with special additives such as Green Sensation, PK 13-14 and Sugar Royal, or create your own nutritious mix with ingredients such as Bat Guano, Bio Supermix and Worm Humus.

Choose Plagron as your preferred plant nutrition brand. Regardless of which fertilizer you use, Plagron ensures top quality at an affordable price.

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