• Organic Peas for microgreens and pea shootsOrganic Peas for microgreens and pea shoots
  • Genuine Broccoli Calabrese seeds, MG, 100% OrganicGenuine Broccoli Calabrese seeds, MG, 100% Organic
  • Organic Sunflower seeds for microgreensOrganic Sunflower seeds for microgreens
  • Wheatgrass seeds, Organic for microgreensWheatgrass seeds, Organic for microgreens
  • Organic Broccoli Raab seeds MGOrganic Broccoli Raab seeds MG
  • Cress seeds, 100% Organic, for microgreensCress seeds, 100% Organic, for microgreens
  • Dill seeds – herb
  • Thyme seeds – Di Roma
  • Spinach seed, Monnopa
  • Organic Mung Bean Seeds for Delicious MicrogreensOrganic Mung Bean Seeds for Delicious Microgreens
  • Mizuna Red seeds for Delicious MicrogreensMizuna Red seeds for Delicious Microgreens
  • Basil, Thai, Siam Queen
  • Genovese basil seeds
  • Basil seed Italian Star
  • Basil seed Bordeaux
  • Cat grass, Cat mix seeds
  • Chili "De Cayenne"
  • Lettuce seeds, Mixed
  • Organic white mustard seeds for Delicious MicrogreensOrganic white mustard seeds for Delicious Microgreens
  • Cress, mixture Jewel seed
  • Yellow cherry tomatoYellow cherry tomato
  • Smooth-leaved Parsley seeds
  • Red Lentil - Organic Seeds MicrogreenRed Lentil - Organic Seeds Microgreen
  • Green Lentil - Organic Seeds for Delicious MicrogreensGreen Lentil - Organic Seeds for Delicious Microgreens
  • Habanero Chili Mix
  • Habanero Yellow chili seeds – Hot chiliHabanero Yellow chili seeds – Hot chili
  • Chili & Pepper Focus fertilizer 1LChili & Pepper Focus fertilizer 1L
  • Oregano wild marjoram seed
  • Greek Basil – Bush basil seed
  • Basil, Cinnamon, Hornum
  • Basil Piccolino seeds, mini basilBasil Piccolino seeds, mini basil
  • Azuki Bean Organic seeds for Delicious Microgreens
  • Balkoni Red F1 Tomato seeds Balkoni Red F1 Tomato seeds 
  • Habanero Chocolate - chilli seedsHabanero Chocolate - chilli seeds
  • Rosemary seeds - Herbs
  • Caraway seeds – Carum carviCaraway seeds – Carum carvi
  • Chilli, Bishops Crown / Ornamental bell / bell chilliChilli, Bishops Crown / Ornamental bell / bell chilli
  • Red Robin Basil seedsRed Robin Basil seeds
  • Paprika - OntaraPaprika - Ontara
  • Paprika - Yvona - Hot PepperPaprika - Yvona - Hot Pepper
  • Habanero Red chilli seeds
  • Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Red - chilli seedsScotch Bonnet Jamaican Red - chilli seeds

Plantelys – Your specialist in plant seeds, herbs and flowers

Welcome to Plantelys' category for plant seeds, where you will find a large selection of tomato seeds, chili seeds, herb seeds and flower seeds for your garden or balcony. We offer a wide range of seeds, including edible flowers, Tagetes, Basil, organic seeds and Lemongrass seeds, so you can grow your own plants and enjoy fresh crops.

Tomato seeds and Chili seeds for every taste

Plantelys has an impressive selection of tomato seeds and chilli seeds, which ensures that you can find the perfect variety for your garden. From mild to extremely hot chillies and sweet to juicy tomatoes, we have varieties to suit every taste and growing condition.

Herb seeds and flower seeds for a colorful and fragrant garden

In this category you will find a wide selection of herb seeds and flower seeds, so you can grow your own aromatic herbs and colorful flowers. Basil, Tagetes and many other varieties are available to create a garden that is both beautiful and practical.

Organic seeds for a sustainable garden

Plantelys is proud to offer a selection of organic seeds for those who want to grow plants in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our organic seeds are certified, so you can be sure they are free of harmful chemicals and GMOs.

Edible flowers and exotic Lemongrass seeds

Looking for something a little different for your garden? Plantlys has a selection of edible flowers and exotic Lemongrass seeds so you can grow unique and interesting plants in your outdoor space. Add a touch of color and flavor to your dishes with our edible flowers, or try growing your own Lemongrass for an exotic flavor in your dishes.

Explore Plantelys' category for plant seeds and find the perfect seeds for your garden, balcony and smart garden.

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