Company gifts and Staff gifts

PlanteLys offers companies, institutions and staff associations a selection of quality products for growing microgreens, the smart garden, garden equipment etc. which can be used for staff gifts and company gifts, for member and job gifts and for events.

An original and different take on a green Easter egg or Christmas basket, which hits the spot in terms of a sustainable message.

Plantely's products are manufactured based on a socially economic and sustainable way of thinking. The products are delivered in Plantely's own, neat boxes.

Our customers include Mærsk, IH, Novo Nordisk and many more

Our most popular item is the set of 1 sprout hill and 3 different kinds of organic seeds. The sprouting tray is made of black food-approved recycled plastic, which can withstand machine washing and can be used again and again. The sprout tray is produced in the Netherlands from recycled plastic.

Regardless of which product is chosen, the recipient with Plantelys will have a different, positive memory curve after receiving it by growing healthy green plants themselves and following the process from germination to use over a period of 1-5 weeks.

Commercial Sales and Volume Sales

If you are about to start a Microgreen or vertical Farming production, you are welcome to contact us for offers on larger deliveries.

We also develop and produce growth lamps and special lamps to customer specifications, or adapt existing lamp designs to your specific purpose and production needs.