Greenhouse and garden

  • SunLight full spectrum LED grow light lamp 200WattSunLight full spectrum LED grow light lamp 200Watt
  • Root Explosion – get more and stronger roots on plantsRoot Explosion – get more and stronger roots on plants
  • SB Plant Invigorator RTU spraySB Plant Invigorator RTU spray
  • SMC+ RTU 750ml - against pestsSMC+ RTU 750ml - against pests
  • Battery table lamp black with LED light, wireless - dimmableBattery table lamp black with LED light, wireless - dimmable
  • Portable wireless white table lamp - dimmablePortable wireless white table lamp - dimmable
  • Trinol Window Flytrap 10-pack
  • Livorno Portable Floor Lamp 4.5W LED 830 IP54 GreyLivorno Portable Floor Lamp 4.5W LED 830 IP54 Grey

The Greenhouse and Garden: Your guide to the perfect outdoor environment

Welcome to the Greenhouse and Garden at Here you will find a carefully selected range of products and solutions designed to help you create the perfect outdoor environment for your plants and crops. Our range includes everything from greenhouses and growth tunnels to raised beds and garden lighting.

Greenhouses and growth tunnels

A greenhouse or grow tunnel is a great way to extend the growing season and protect your plants from the vagaries of the weather. We offer a wide selection of greenhouses and growth tunnels in different sizes and materials, so you can find the solution that best suits your garden project.

Greenhouse materials and design

Regardless of whether you are looking for a classic glass greenhouse, a lightweight polycarbonate greenhouse or a flexible growth tunnel, you can be sure to find it here at Our range includes both traditional and modern designs to suit every garden and taste.

Raised beds and planters

Raised beds and planters are an ideal solution for gardeners who want to optimize their growing area and create an easy and efficient way to grow plants. Our range includes raised beds and planters in different sizes, materials and colours, so you can find the perfect solution for your growing area.

Environmentally friendly and durable materials

We are proud to offer products that are made from environmentally friendly and durable materials, such as recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood. This not only ensures that our raised beds and planters are sustainable, but also that they can stand the test of time and give you many years of enjoyment and successful cultivation.

Garden lighting and accessories

To create the perfect outdoor environment, it is also important to have the right lighting and accessories. In this category you will find a selection of garden lighting, such as lamps and LED lights, which can help you create the right atmosphere and make it easier to work in the garden in the evening. In addition, we offer a range of accessories such as plant labels and grow nets to help you keep track of your plants and support their growth.

Explore our "Greenhouse and Garden" category now and let us help you find the products and solutions that will make your garden project a success

The greenhouse

Furnish the greenhouse with light, heat and fertilizer
Plant gives you the opportunity to design your greenhouse in such a way that your plants have the best possible opportunities to grow big and healthy. A greenhouse requires many factors to create the optimal conditions for your plants, herbs and flowers. By making use of LED plant growth lamp you give your plants, herbs and flowers the right amount of heat and lighting so they can grow big and strong. If your plants do not get the right amount of light or heat, the stems will become thin and have elongated leaves which occur when the plants try to stretch according to the amount of sunlight that is available.

By giving your plants in your greenhouse the right amount of fertilizer, you achieve the healthiest and fastest plant growth. Fertilizer gives your plants the right amount of nutrition so they can grow big and healthy. There are several different types of fertilizer. Fertilizer can be obtained, among other things, in liquid or solid form, depending on what you would prefer to use.

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