1L Sprout jar with lid and metal net for sprout cultivation

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Good seed tray set for microgreens that makes it easy to grow sprouts directly in the kitchen net or on the windowsill. Extremely suitable for smaller sprouts, herbs and easy projects. Can be used both with and without grommet.


Sprout jar of 1L for growing plant sprouts

Mason Jar sprouting jar with metal mesh lid intended for sprouting. The product is made to be reused after each use for many times, and can therefore easily go in the dishwasher or be boiled for disinfection.

The glass jar is not larger than that it can be easily moved and placed in places where there is not much space, e.g. in the kitchen or on a windowsill. Sprouts are good for cooking, and you can grow many different side dishes. growing sprouts is fun and exciting projects for the whole family. Sprouts are planted just before microgreens, i.e. the very smallest "baby plants". Sprout cultivation via seedling glass takes place completely without the use of growth medium. This means that you don't have to buy growing media, and even more important than this, it means that the sprouts are ready to eat directly after harvest, without the soil having to be washed off them.

The metal mesh on the lid means that there is ventilation in the jar, which creates more resistance to mould.

The black fabric bag gives sweeter bean sprouts - when they are grown without light, and it also protects the glass from knocks and shocks during storage.

Read any more about microgreens/sprouting here


The package contains:

  • 1 piece. Mason Jar 1L
  • 1 piece. Adjustable holder
  • 1 piece. Black substance for light-free cultivation (Gives more sweet sprouts)


Technical info:
– Materials: Glass and stainless steel, fabric

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 22.3 x 14.4 x 2.5 cm



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