Plant basins

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Our Danish-made planters are synonymous with exceptional quality, designed to enrich your outdoor space with beauty and functionality. Manufactured from 2 mm thick boards with 3 cm wide folded edges, our planters provide exceptional stability and durability, ready to withstand both the hot summer days and the cold winter months. With polystyrene lining, our planters keep your plants protected and ensure they have the best conditions to thrive.

Designed with Care

Delivered assembled for your convenience, our planters are designed to be used immediately. With feet raised 2 cm from the ground, they not only offer a nice shade effect but also help to ant-proof your garden. A planter from us is not just a functional solution; it's an opportunity to create cosy corners for family and friends or to enjoy a quiet moment alone with a cup of coffee, surrounded by your blooming oasis.

A World of Possibilities

Our range of planters offers both traditional square designs and unique round shapes that can serve as high edged planters or as deeper planters, opening up a wealth of creative planting possibilities.

Planters for cultivation.

Do you dream of growing your own vegetables or creating a flourishing balcony garden? Our planters give you the opportunity to make this dream a reality. Perfect for everything from juicy tomatoes and crisp salads to fragrant herbs, our planters ensure you can enjoy the freshness and satisfaction of home-grown crops - right at your doorstep.