Microgreen trays

  • Small sprouting tray set for growing microgreens Green/white 22.7×14.5×2.5cmSmall sprouting tray set for growing microgreens Green/white 22.7×14.5×2.5cm
  • Coconut mould - Plagron Cocos Brix - Coconut soilCoconut mould - Plagron Cocos Brix - Coconut soil
  • Microgreen tray with holes 35mmMicrogreen tray with holes 35mm
  • Microgreen tray with holes 48mmMicrogreen tray with holes 48mm
  • Cat grass germination tray for a healthy cat without soil – Pink
  • Sprouting tray for growing microgreens purple/whiteSprouting tray for growing microgreens purple/white
  • Germination trays for microgreens with holes 20mmGermination trays for microgreens with holes 20mm
  • Cat grass tray for a healthy cat without soil - Blue

Germination trays for Microgreen Cultivation

Microgreens, also known as microgreens, are young vegetable shoots that have quickly become popular due to their high nutritional content and versatile use in the kitchen. At PlanteLys, we have a large selection of sprouting trays that are specially designed for growing micro green, so you can easily grow these nutritious shoots at home in your own kitchen or as a professional gardener.

Choosing the right sprout tray

To be successful with growing Microgreens, it is important to choose the right sprouting tray. PlanteLys offers a wide selection of sprout trays that suit different needs and preferences. We have everything from simple plastic trays to more advanced trays with self-watering functions and covers that create the ideal microclimate for your microgreens.

Good growing conditions for Microgreens

When growing microgreens, it is important to give your plants the best growing conditions. At PlanteLys, we recommend that you use coconut flour, which is specially designed for Microgreen Cultivation. In addition, it is important to ensure that your sprout trays have good drainage and are located in an area with sufficient grow light.

Different Types of Microgreens

Microgreens come in many different varieties, and at PlanteLys we have a wide selection of them organic seeds for Microgreens culture. You can choose from everything from classic varieties such as Wheat grass and Sunflowers to more exotic varieties such as radishes and Asian cress. No matter what type of microgreens you prefer, you can be sure to find the seeds you need with us.

Caring for your Microgreen

To get the most out of your Microgreen cultivation, it is important to take good care of your plants. Be sure to water regularly but avoid overwatering as this can lead to rot and fungal growth, the easiest way to avoid overwatering is to use seed trays with under trays. Harvest your microgreens when they have developed their first set of true leaves and enjoy the fresh and nutritious shoots in your dishes.

PlantLight is your trusted partner in microgreen growing, and we're here to help you succeed with your sprouting trays and microgreens. Whether you're a beginner or experienced in microgreen growing, you can rely on us to provide quality products and expertise to help you grow healthy and delicious microgreens at home.

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