All about Grow lights

Grow lights for plants, all about grow lights and plant lights

Welcome to our guides on grow lights and grow lights. Here you will find out what grow light er, hvordan LED vækstlys virker, og hvordan du kan optimere dine planters vækst og sundhed med det rette lys, både udendørs og indendørs.

You will gain insight into important topics such as photosynthesis and light requirements for your plants, as well as answers to technical questions such as "How many μmol does my plant need to thrive? This is your guide to understanding and using grow lights correctly.


What is photosynthesis?

Introduction to photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a vital biological process that allows plants, algae and certain bacteria to convert sunlight or artificial light, water and carbon dioxide

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Plant lamps in vertical horticulture grow light

Grow lights for plants 2023

Grow lights are extremely important to ensure proper plant growth. If your plants are never exposed to the amount and wavelength of light that they have

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