VAT refund for Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland

How do I get the VAT back when I live in Greenland and want to buy something from

When you shop at or another Danish company, you have the option of getting the Danish VAT refunded. In order for you to be refunded the VAT, an agreement must first be made with Plant lights that they are happy to send the VAT back to you as a customer. The agreement must be concluded BEFORE you place an order on the webshop. At, we are happy to make an agreement, as you must be able to import goods that are not so easy to obtain in Greenland.

When you shop and need a VAT refund, this happens in several steps:

  1. You make an agreement with that your order must have a VAT refund, this is done by contacting by email with an overview of your order, and get approval that a VAT refund can be made on your order.
  2. Next is the transaction itself, which takes place on the webshop. Here you buy the item with VAT and shipping for delivery to a Danish address - in Denmark.
  3. When you receive the goods, you have the right to apply for a VAT refund. Here, a stamp from the recipient country's tax authorities stating that this has been approved must be given. You are responsible for this part yourself, and is not involved, see more here VAT return Greenland. 
  4. Now you can send the goods to Greenland, possibly together with your other household goods. When you arrive in Greenland, take the goods and the invoice to the tax office and get it signed and stamped. If the items are very large, you can take a picture of them where you can see from the windows that you are in Nuuk. Then simply send the invoice back to so we have proof that the goods have been delivered. We will then transfer the VAT.
  5. In order for you to receive a VAT refund at, the following must first be clarified.
    • You must live and have an address in Greenland, the Faroe Islands or Iceland.
    • You must ensure that your receipt is stamped by the authorities
    • We need your registration and account number from your bank so we can send the money to you
    • must have at least 30 days to refund the money.
    • All information must be sent to; here we confirm receipt of receipt.

Greenland is one of the few countries where VAT can be paid back on goods bought in a Danish shop or webshop. This is done by there before the purchase carried out, an agreement has been made between buyer and seller that this is possible.

When applying for a VAT refund, this must be resolved within 3 months from the date of purchase, so it is important that this is done. No amount can be refunded without a visible stamp on the invoice.

Alternative solution

At the time of purchase, you must have made a Tax-free voucher and bring the goods with you on the journey. Then you can get the VAT refunded at the airport for a fee. However, you must be aware that you must be able to show a valid certificate of residence.

VAT-free delivery to Greenland and the Faroe Islands

If you buy goods on the webshop, you have the option of having them delivered directly to an address in Greenland or the Faroe Islands with PostNord. Here, will automatically complete your purchase without VAT being settled on the order (VAT-free order).