Mushroom cultivation

  • LED light for mushroom cultivationLED light for mushroom cultivation
  • Plant sprout light Blue LED Strip | 12W/m | with LED driverPlant sprout light Blue LED Strip | 12W/m | with LED driver
  • Box with 50 pcs. Mouth mask 3-layer type CE markedBox with 50 pcs. Mouth mask 3-layer type CE marked

LED grow light for mushroom cultivation

Contrary to popular belief, mushrooms generally require a fair amount grow light to grow well. If mushrooms grow in too low light or in the dark and thus do not get enough light, they tend to grow smaller and look a little wilted.

UV light causing fungi to produce more D vitamin just like your body does when exposed to it UV light, so it is an effective way to increase your intake of vitamin D.

A mushroom such as  Lion's mane ( Hedgehog mushroom ) prefer bright surroundings, preferably around 200-400Lux

The same applies with Reishi – Shining lacquer fungus (Ganoderma lucidum).

When it comes to the group of so-called "magic mushrooms" e.g Psilocybe Cubensis (Wizard naked hat) some of them prefer more light than others.
Whereas a fungus such as Psilocybe Albino prefers it to be almost completely dark to give a high yield.

Lights and accessories for mushroom cultivation: Create the perfect environment

Growing mushrooms at home is an exciting and rewarding hobby that allows you to enjoy fresh, flavorful and nutritious mushrooms all year round. At, we offer a comprehensive selection of lights and accessories for mushroom cultivation that are necessary to create the ideal environment for your mushrooms to thrive in. Browse our category to find the perfect equipment for your mushroom cultivation.

Specialized lighting systems for mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms require specific light conditions to grow optimally. We offer a range of specially designed lighting systems for mushroom cultivation, including LED lights that provide the necessary spectrum and light intensity to support the growth of your mushrooms. These energy-efficient light sources will ensure that your mushrooms get the correct lighting without using unnecessary energy.

Timers and lighting control systems

To give your mushrooms the optimal balance between light and dark, it is important to manage their lighting carefully. Our range includes timers and light control systems to help you automate your lighting and ensure your mushrooms get the correct amount of light and darkness they need to grow and develop properly.

Heat and humidity regulation

In addition to light, temperature and humidity are two important factors that affect the growth of fungi. We offer a selection of heat and humidity regulating equipment, such as heating mats and humidifiers that help you create the ideal environment for your mushrooms. With this equipment you can adjust and control the temperature and humidity in your cultivation area and ensure that your mushrooms thrive in the best possible conditions.

Necessary accessories for mushroom cultivation

To make your mushroom cultivation as hassle-free as possible, we also offer a range of necessary accessories, including shelves, containers and growing media. These products will help you organize and optimize your cultivation area and ensure that your mushrooms get the best conditions for growth.

Expert guidance and support

If you are new to mushroom growing or need advice on the best products and methods for your situation, our team of experts are ready to help. We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your mushroom cultivation

ning and offers personal guidance and support throughout the entire process. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.

Quality products and competitive prices

We understand the importance of using quality mushroom growing equipment and accessories to achieve the best results. Therefore, we have carefully selected our range from reliable and reputable manufacturers, who ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products. We offer competitive prices on our products so you can invest in the best products for your mushroom cultivation without breaking the budget.

Fast and safe delivery

When you order lights and accessories for mushroom cultivation from, you can be sure that your goods will be processed and shipped quickly and safely. We strive to deliver your products within a short time, so you can get started with your mushroom cultivation as soon as possible.

Discover our range of lights and accessories for mushroom cultivation

Regardless of whether you are an experienced mushroom grower or a beginner who wants to try this exciting hobby, you will find everything you need to create the perfect environment for your mushrooms at Browse our mushroom growing lights and accessories category and find the products you need to grow delicious and nutritious mushrooms at home.

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