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Smart garden for kids

Smart Garden – indoor kitchen garden – is an innovative way to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables with minimal effort. A perfect solution for those of you who are tired of buying herbs, only to throw them away shortly afterwards. With Our Smart Garden, you get the opportunity to grow your own herbs, so they last longer and taste better than those you buy in the supermarket.

Say goodbye to food waste and hello to your own fresh, flavorful herbs, fruits and vegetables with the Smart Garden for the kitchen table.

With a Smart vegetable garden, you can experience the benefits of being self-sufficient with fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables for your cooking, regardless of the season. You always have access to fresh and tasty ingredients for your cooking when you need them, without having to go out and buy them.

A Smart Garden (Hydroponic Planter) is a perfect solution for those of you who don't have green fingers - you only need to start it, then it automatically takes care of your plants' needs for nutrition, water and light.

Smart Garden is an innovative and practical way to grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables indoors, without having to worry about whether you have green fingers or not. It is a solution that ensures that you always have fresh and tasty ingredients available for your cooking and that helps to reduce food waste.

Smart garden instructions

When summer hits and the heat returns to the Danish gardens, you can set out pots and plant different herbs, vegetables or fruit. In Denmark, there is plenty of opportunity to get out during the summer and plant a lot of fruit and vegetables, even without it costing a fortune. But when winter announces its arrival, it can become challenging to grow and maintain your herbs, plants or fruits in the vegetable garden. 

Here it is obvious to invite the kitchen garden inside. You can do that easily and simply with a fully automatic Smart Garden kitchen garden. With a Smart Garden indoor vegetable garden, you can grow your own herbs and vegetables all year round. It automatically ensures that your herbs and plants get the right amount of light, water and nutrition. It doesn't get much easier.

You also get a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, as you avoid transport and packaging by growing your own herbs and vegetables indoors. You can feel happy about having a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the fresh and flavorful herbs for your cooking.

All in all, a Smart Garden indoor vegetable garden is a practical, economical and sustainable way to grow your own vegetables and herbs. It is a fantastic solution for anyone who wants an easy and convenient way to be self-sufficient with fresh produce.

Indoor Hydroponics growing system

How does the Smart Garden indoor vegetable garden work?

With its stylish design, our Smart Garden is ready to help you create your very own authentic kitchen garden. You can grow anything from it chili to tomatoes, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. It is possible to grow up to 16 plants/herbs at a time, depending on which of our Smart Garden products you choose. You simply place your favorite seeds in the 16 capsules, and Smart Garden takes care of the rest.

Your Smart Garden vegetable garden comes with an automatic water circulation pump, which causes the water to circulate around the bottom. All you have to do is add fertilizer to the water where it will then take care of itself. So you no longer have to worry about whether your vegetables or herbs get the right amount of heat, lighting or water, because Smart Garden takes care of all this without you needing to involve yourself unnecessarily.

Our Smart Garden indoor kitchen gardens come with 3 different types of lighting: purple/blue, green/yellow and warm/white. You decide the 3 different lightings, depending on whether you are interested in maintaining, growing or would like to give your herbs the right amount of light. All this is, of course, carefully described in the detailed instructions for use, should you still have any doubts, you are welcome to call for advice and guidance on telephone: 22 647 647.

Read more about the different colors of light that plants need here


Indoor Hydroponics

Your (minimal) effort can create tasty herbs all year round

Smart Garden takes care of most of the process, so what you have to do yourself is minimal. 

Follow this simple list to achieve success with your Smart Garden:

  1. Fill the bottom of the indoor vegetable garden with water
  2. Sow your favorite seeds or cuttings in the included gromedia capsules
  3. Add liquid fertilizer every time you change the water ¹)
  4. Adjust the light to suit your needs
  5. Depending on how many and how big your plants are, it is recommended to clean the filter 4 – 6 times a year, and at the same time change the water ²)

¹) We recommend liquid fertilizer from the Danish manufacturer Big Plant Science, e.g. you can buy a starter pack with liquid fertilizer. Find fertilizer dosing instructions here.

²) If you have many large plants in your Smart Garden, it will be necessary to clean the filter in your indoor hydroponic vegetable garden more often than it would if you only had small plants. As a rule of thumb, start with every 2-3 months and keep an eye, the filter is very dirty after 3 months, so try every other.

Remember list for cleaning the filter:

  1. Turn off the power 
  2. Lift the lid and take out the filter (the little sponge)
  3. Rinse the filter with clean water until it no longer emits dirty water - it is important that only water is used for cleaning, as chemicals will destroy the balance in the water
  4. Put the clean filter in place and turn on your vegetable garden again

The cleaning of the filter is quickly over. 

You can then let Smart Garden take care of itself, and enjoy watching your herbs quietly grow big and beautiful as the days go by! Easy right?

Smart Garden is the perfect gift for him or her who would like to have home-grown and tasty herbs at hand all year round. Buy it on or herein,

Smart Garden with Lettuce Smart round indoor vegetable garden

See video below for good advice for your Smart Garden from sunflux