Willow compost 'DYRK' bigbag | Spagnum-free

Willow compost 'DYRK' bigbag | Spagnum-free

Original price was: DKK 2.899,00.Current price is: DKK 2.495,00.


Original price was: DKK 2.899,00.Current price is: DKK 2.495,00.

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WORSHIP is organic, sphagnum-free willow compost from North Jutland, which promotes strong plants and sustainable growth.


DYRK: Your Sustainable Choice for Organic and Sphagnum-free willow compost

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DYRK is a top quality, organic and sphagnum-free willow compost, specially designed for the environmentally conscious gardener who values sustainability and ecology. This is the product for you who want to provide your plants with the best nutrition while at the same time taking responsibility for our planet.

Possible uses:

  • The kitchen garden: Give your vegetables and herbs the optimal start and nutrition.
  • Open land: Perfect for flower beds and raised vegetable beds.
  • Raised bed: Create optimal growing conditions for your plants.
  • The Greenhouse: Strengthen yours plant growth in a controlled environment.
  • Jars: Ideal for balconies and terraces.

Unique Features:

  • Sphagnum-free: Sustainable alternative to traditional composts.
  • Vegan: Produced exclusively from plant material.
  • Weed Free: Cleared of unwanted plants, which ensures your plants the best growth.
  • Organic: No harmful chemicals or additives.
  • Produced in Denmark: Proudly manufactured in Tylstrup in North Jutland.

The willow compost from DYRK contains a rich humus content and is bursting with active micro-life, which promotes robustness and vitality in your plants and vegetables. With our continuous quality control and testing, you can be sure of consistently high quality every time. Please note that the price applies exclusively to deliveries to fixed islands and the product is delivered in practical big bags of 1000 litres, which makes storage and use easy and convenient for you.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 100 cm



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