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Growth Technology has been a leader in the development of innovative horticultural products since its foundation in 1985.

Since 1985 the company has focused on developing the best form of nutrients for plants, the company is often known for supplying plant growth with high quality products that help your plants to flourish, one area that they have focused on is their range of products for especially Orchids, Chillies and other speciality plants. 

They have been highly focussed on developing perfect products that are tailored to each specific plant, whether it's a standard houseplant or a garden plant. 

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Growth Technology stands out from other competitors as they have focused on developing the best and most organic form of growth a plant can get, their products are of the highest quality which helps to ensure the plant's necessary nutrients, where in the last few years there has been more focus on the more popular plants such as Orchids and Chilli, which has led Growth Technology to put more of their focus on finding healthy ways to give our plants the right nutrients.

Focus on specialty crops and garden enthusiasts

At Growth Technology's they have a strong focus on speciality crops and gardening enthusiasts which can reflect their passion for creating a product that specifically helps individual plants such as Orchids and Chilli, as they have managed to create 1 liquid fertiliser that helps to strengthen the specific needs of the plant, which can help to emphasise that they are experts in the field of these specific plants, this also helps to underline how important it is for them to create the best customer experience. 

Innovative solutions for more than just gardening

Growth Technology is not just a normal company that makes things for the garden, they have a strong focus on finding other ways to help your plants, especially for those plants that are not so easy to take care of, they have a strong focus on making specialised solutions to ensure your plants have healthy growth.

They put a lot of thought into how to best care for plants and create recipes that help give your plants balanced nutrition by using the right products they've created, 

They have several similar products that can help your plants in the right way, which will also make it easy and simple for you and your flowers.

Support for Growth and Development

To give you a broader understanding, Growth Technology takes their customer relations to a whole new level, they don't see themselves as just a supplier, but an intermediary for horticulture, as they focus on following popular products right to your preferences, often focusing on which plants are in high popularity, which allows them to broadly give users an opportunity to find an ideal solution on how to take care of their plants.  

The benefits of choosing products from growth technology are that you can get almost anything that fits your plants perfectly.

That's why you should choose Growth Technology

For decades, Growth Technology has demonstrated unrivalled innovation and commitment to horticultural technology. Their focus on speciality crops, exclusive products and superior customer support has cemented their position as pioneers in the industry.

 Headquartered in Somerset, the company continues to pioneer advanced horticultural solutions and make a tangible impact on the world of plants.

The reason why you should choose Growth Technology is that their products contain nutrients that are essential for your plants to have optimal development, especially within their focus on speciality crops, all of the products that Growth Technology has been created to help with the right products that can be essential for your plants to grow.

Products from Growth Technology

To get a further information and idea of what Growth Technology has designed, you can choose to click on a range of their colourful selection with everything ranging from fertilisers, soil, organic alternatives to soil. 
You can see it all in the products below. 
Do you have an opportunity to see some of their products. 

  • Grolys bulb PAR30 E27 warm white (20Watt)</trp-post-containerGrolys bulb PAR30 E27 warm white (20Watt)</trp-post-container
  • T8 Standing LED Grow Light 120cm 4000K 48Watt</trp-post-containerT8 Standing LED Grow Light 120cm 4000K 48Watt</trp-post-container
  • SMC+ RTU 750ml - against pestsSMC+ RTU 750ml - against pests

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Growth Technology specialises in developing high-quality plant nutrients, with a particular focus on orchids, chillies and other speciality crops. Their commitment to creating customised solutions ensures that each plant receives the best care.

Because they make speciality fertilisers that are perfect for orchids, chillies and other plants that require a little extra.

They are particularly known for their speciality fertilisers, which are tailored to support the growth of orchids, chilli plants and other speciality crops. Their range includes everything from liquid fertilisers to specific nutrient mixes that help ensure your plants get the nutrition they need for optimal growth and flowering.

Growth Technology emphasises quality and innovation in everything they do. They work closely with experts and use advanced research to ensure their fertilisers and nutrients meet the highest standards. This means that when you use their products, your plants get the best possible support to grow and flourish.