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Are you a passionate plant grower looking for the best way to achieve impressive and full flower tops? Then you don't have to look any further. The BiG Plant Science range is your key to successful plant growing based on solid science. Let's dive into how BiG Plant Science can help you achieve a bountiful harvest and healthy plants.

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Denmark is known for its specific water conditions, and these can have a significant impact on plant growth and health. This is where the Danish produced fertiliser BiG Plant Science series takes these Danish water conditions into account and has produced a fertiliser adapted to Danish water conditions, With its two basic products, Part A and Part B, BiG ensures that your plants get all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth. The result? Impressive, heavy flower tops that make your plants stand out.

Fertiliser from Danish big plant science is manufactured and developed in Denmark, which also means that it is a product that is created for the Danish water quality, as the starting point is that the water can be "harder" in some parts of the country, the advantage of the liquid fertiliser is the possibility to use it at all times of the year, however, with focus on big plant they have created a range of products that each have an area that they focus on. 

The key to High Returns: Focus on Increased Dividends

When it comes to growing plants, it's not just about growth, but also yield, so it's important to ensure plant health, which can be boosted by using the popular plant fertilisers, which can be seen throughout the BiG range.

By concentrating on increasing yield, BiG allows you to get the most out of your efforts. The carefully balanced composition of nutrients in BiG products not only ensures you get the growth but also the depth that can ensure you get the perfect result from your plant. 

Counseling that Makes a Difference: BiG's Unique Approach

Danish BiG Plant Science stands out not only with its products, but also with its advice. We understand that knowledge and experience play a crucial role in the success of plant cultivation. That's why we give you more than just fertiliser. We share our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field so you can make the best decisions for your plants. With BiG, you get not just a product line, but a partner in your horticultural success.

If there is any doubt about how the different ranges make a difference, you can contact our team where we can guide you to find the best way to get the most out of the product.

ProductShort DescriptionCard Application
Part A Power HouseFertiliser formula with macro-nutrients and 2% amino acids. Contains 100% nitrate-based nitrogen.Growing and flowering phase, yield-orientated cultivation.
Part B Calcium PlusCalcium-nitrate-amino acid formula improves calcium absorption and strengthens plant structure.Improves calcium absorption, stronger plant structure.
Bid ExplosionAdds phosphorus and potassium with 20 amino acids for heavy flower tops.Optimises flowering, heavy flower tops.
StimulusBoosts the plant's immune system and stimulates crystal production.Boost immune system, more crystals.
Aroma BoostFlavour enhancer with bioactive sulphur and magnesium to improve aroma and taste.Improves fragrance and flavour in late stages.

The different products of BiG Plant Science

Part A Power House

bigplantscience powerhouse front 5l

  • Fertiliser with all necessary macronutrients: Supports plants in both the growing and flowering phase.
  • 2% amino acid added: Improves cell formation and nutrient absorption.
  • 100% nitrate-based nitrogen: Ensures healthy growth without toxicity.
  • No ammonium: Avoids risk of acidification of the medium and damage to plants.
  • Benefits of nitrate:
    • Plants can absorb it effectively.
    • No risk of acidification or ammonia poisoning.
    • Allows aggressive fertilisation for maximum yield.
  • Contains phosphorus and potassium (P-K): Secures heavy flower tops.
  • Magnesium and sulphur (Mg-S) included: Promotes crystal formation and high essential oil production.


Part B Calcium Plus

BioPower B Calcium Plus plant supplement

  • Professional form: Ensures that plants do not suffer from calcium deficiency.
  • 2% amino acid added: Improves calcium absorption and cell formation.
  • Calcium-nitrate-amino acid combination: Forces the plant to absorb calcium, ensuring healthy stems and optimal calcium absorption.
  • Choosing a calcium-nitrate blend:
    • Optimal method for calcium uptake via the root network.
    • The plant absorbs about 1.5 times more calcium than nitrogen and about three times more calcium than phosphorus.
  • The importance of water type: Decide whether the water is hard or soft to ensure the most optimal growth for your plant. 
  • Results: Stronger stems that can carry large flower heads.

Bud Explosion, Amino acids for beautiful flowers!

bigplantscience bud explosion front 5l

  • Phosphorus and potassium needs: When plants stop growing upwards and start flowering, they need extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to produce heavy flower tops.
  • Bid Explosion: Provides the necessary phosphorus and potassium to optimise flowering.
  • Infused with 20 amino acidsContains a complex blend of 20 different amino acids in a 5% concentration to support the formation of top shoots.
  • Advantage:
    • Gives the plant easy access to the molecular building blocks needed for good flower buds.
    • Secures large, heavy flower tops with many crystals.
  • RecommendationBud Explosion is recommended for cultivation projects that aim for massive and heavy flowers.

Stimulus, New Generation Booster.

Big plant science X stimulus 1L

  • New-generation booster: Activates the plant's immune system and increases the S.A.R (Systemic Acquired Resistance) response.
  • Release of stress metabolites: Stimulus causes the plant to release phytoalexins, which boost the immune system and increase crystal production.
  • Biostimulants (auxin): Increases root production and strengthens roots for better nutrient delivery.
  • Results:
    • Strengthened immune defence.
    • More vigorous root production.
    • Increased production of crystals and flower tops.
  • Phosphorus in lipid form: Ensures complete uptake, minimises precipitation, and reduces leaching of phosphorus into the applied medium.

Aroma Boost, Gives the flavour a boost.

bigplantscience aromaboost front 1l

  • Terpenes in trichomes: Contains aromatic molecules that determine the scent and flavour of the plant.
  • Professional flavour enhancer: Developed by BiG, contains building blocks for aromatic molecules.
  • Ingredients:
    • Bioactive sulphur.
    • Magnesium complexes.
    • Special aminogram rich in L-glutamic acid.
  • Add-ons:
    • Pro-humic and flyvic acids improve fertiliser uptake.
  • Advantage:
    • Enables full expression of the plant's flavour profile.
    • Adds a richer flavour experience to the final product.

That's why you should choose BiG Plant Science

The BiG Plant Science series is a pioneering approach to plant cultivation in Denmark, by choosing to specialise in several similar products, they have also placed great focus on how to use the different products and how best for your plants to absorb the nutrition that comes from BiG products.

Products from Big Plant Science

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

A fertiliser that helps plants grow and flourish with 100% nitrate-based nitrogen.

Because it ensures strong plant growth without harmful effects.

Supports flower formation by supplying phosphorus and potassium.

Improves fragrance and flavour in the final stages of the plant.