6500K LED light strip for plant sprouts 2m

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Experience healthy plant growth with energy-saving 6500K LED light strips that combine durable design and easy installation for maximum convenience. Suitable for pre-germination, micro green and mushroom cultivation.


6500K LED Light Strips: Efficient and Economical growth

Contrary to popular belief, PLANT SPRINGS generally require a fairly high amount of light to grow well. If the plant sprouts for e.g. microgreens grow in too low a light level or in the dark and thereby do not get enough light, they tend to grow smaller and look a little wilted and stretch a lot.

Optimum pre-sprouting with 6500K LED Light

Plant growth and development is dependent on the right lighting. 6500K LED light strips for plant sprouts ensure that your plants get the optimal light level for healthy and vigorous growth. The high color temperature gives the plant sprouts the necessary energy so that they can stretch towards the light and develop correctly.

Energy-saving and Durable Design

These LED light strips for plant sprouts are an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to save energy without compromising on quality. With a total power of 20 watts and a low power consumption of 10 watts per meters, these LED strips are both efficient and economical. The durable design and the option to mount on an aluminum profile ensure a long life and protect your LED lights from damage.

Easy Installation and Ease of Use

The installation of 6500K LED light strips for plant sprouts is a breeze with the supplied connection piece and press sleeve. You don't need to solder to put the lights together, and the LED strip can easily be cut into shorter lengths to fit your specific needs. Remember to purchase a 24VDC LED driver to ensure correct connection and power supply.

The LED strip set contains:

  • 2 meters 6500K (6400-6500K) LED strip (Can be cut into shorter lengths)
  • 1 connection piece with press sleeve - soldering is not necessary

Please note that the LED plant sprout strip must be connected to 24VDC

The LED strip can advantageously be mounted on an aluminum profile for longer life.

read about pre-germination here

REMEMBER to purchase an additional LED driver here.

Technical data

  • Total power: 20 Watts
  • Length: 2000mm (2m)
  • Width: 8mm
  • Height: 3mm
  • Supply: 24VDC direct
  • Light color: 6400K – 6500K
  • Ra: 96-98
  • 10 Watts/meter

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