Citrus Focus fertilizer 1L

Citrus Focus fertilizer 1L

DKK 110,00

DKK 110,00

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Citrus Focus 1L is a specially formulated fertilizer for citrus trees, enriched with organic plant acids and seaweed extracts. It promotes healthy growth, flowering and fruiting.


Citrus Focus: The Ultimate Citrus Fertilizer

In order to achieve lush, green and healthy citrus trees, it is important to give them the right nutrition. Citrus Focus is your partner in this mission as it not only promotes flowering but also ensures abundant fruiting.

What makes Citrus Focus so special?

Citrus Focus is not just an ordinary fertilizer. It is carefully formulated to ensure optimal growth and fruiting for all types of citrus plants and trees:

  1. Pure Ingredients: Made from pure mineral salts, this fertilizer is also enriched with complex organic plant acids and concentrated extracts of seaweed. It does not contain urea, making it ideal for citrus trees.
  2. Perfect for potted plants: Citrus Focus is particularly suitable for citrus trees grown in pots and containers, which typically have limited growing medium.
  3. Complete Nutritional Profile: It offers a balanced nutrient solution ideal for all citrus trees – from oranges and lemons to tangerines, tangerines, grapefruits and limes.
  4. Earth Health: With high levels of humic and fulvic acids, it improves and maintains soil fertility, ensuring healthy growth.

How to use Citrus Focus:

Using Citrus Focus is a breeze. Simply mix 10 ml with a liter of clean water and water your plants with this mixture at each watering during the growing season. If you notice that the leaves are starting to turn pale or yellow, this may be an indication that your plants require more nutrition. In that case, you should increase the fertilizer frequency and/or amount.

With Citrus Focus, you are guaranteed healthy and blooming citrus trees season after season.

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