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Soil and moisture meter with Bluetooth

What is a soil moisture meter?

A moisture meter for soil and plants can read and tell you exactly how your plants are doing and what they need. Do your plants need more or less water, light or maybe fertilizer?

A meter is a simple and effective tool for both your indoor plants and outdoor plants, so you can give your plants the best care and the best growing conditions.

How do I use the meter?

It is very simple to use the measuring instrument. The meter's spear is placed approx. 10-15 cm into the soil of the plant you want to measure. Your data can be read after a few minutes.

Depending on which model you have chosen, you will now receive information about the plant's humidity, light conditions, fertiliser, temperature and ph value. Read the package insert in your specific meter and follow the instructions on your chosen product.


Types of moisture meters

There are generally three different types of humidity meters: an analogue, a digital and a so-called smart humidity meter. 

Analog soil meter

The analogue model is easy to use and uses neither batteries nor electricity. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, and works by placing the meter's spear in the soil and reading the moisture directly in the soil.

Typically, an interval from 1-10 is specified, where the bar itself indicates the humidity of the plant in question. The analogue model can have more functions than just humidity measurement. Often this type, in addition to measuring the moisture level in the soil, can also measure the light conditions of the plant using a solar sensor and measure the ph value in the soil.

However, the analogue model cannot be set to inform you whether the measurement in question is optimal for the particular plant species you are measuring. The optimal measurements for a specific plant are typically indicated on the plant's packaging.

The analog moisture meter is a good choice for you who do not need fancy methods to measure your plant soil's moisture, light or ph value.

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Analog soil meter for plants


Digital soil meter

A digital soil moisture meter is, as the name suggests, digital, which gives access to more precise measurements. However, this also means that the meter uses battery.

When using a digital moisture meter, you can, like the analog one, get access to several different measurements by placing the spear in the soil and taking a reading.

With us you can find someone who can analyze and measure up to five different things at a time:

  • Brightness
  • Air temperature
  • Soil moisture content
  • Earth's temperature
  • Ph value

In this way, you can easily test the plant's environment. The digital version is suitable for those who want a thorough analysis of your plants with a simple and easy-to-read measuring instrument, as the screen is large and bright with background lighting.

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Digital soil meter and moisture meter for plants


Smart soil and moisture meter

A smart moisture meter is the latest version of moisture meters, which, unlike the analogue and digital ones, can be connected to your smartphone or tablet, which makes it easy to monitor your plants where and when you want.

Through an affiliate APP, you can keep an eye on the light intensity on the plant, temperature, humidity and available nutrients in the plant's soil both indoors and outdoors in real time. In other words, this gives you a very precise overview of the plant's condition, which makes it easy to adapt the conditions so that the plant thrives as best as possible.

The app also has a database with over 5000 plants and flowers' optimal conditions, which gives you far more information than the other two types of meters. On the app, it is possible to tell the plant sensor which specific type of plant it should take measurements on.

As all plants are different with different needs, this ensures that the individual plant is taken into account and gives you the best analysis and the best recommendations.

You will find a wide range of tips for caring for and maintaining your plants. All in all, a really good solution for you who want a quick and very precise overview of the condition and needs of your various plants, which can be connected to your smartphone.

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smart moisture meter

Here is an overview of the three types of moisture meters as well as an overview of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can find the meter that best suits you and your plants.

Types of moisture meter



Analog · Does not use battery

· Has multiple functions

· Is simple

· Cannot measure the needs of specific plants

· Less precise measurements

Digital meter

· More precise measurements

· Has multiple functions

· Easy to read on screen

· Uses battery

· Cannot be connected to smartphone

Smart meter

· Many different functions

· Thorough analysis and specific recommendations

· Associated app with large database about plants

· Can monitor plants when you want it

· Records and saves measurements for later analysis

· Real-time monitoring on smartphone

· Uses battery


As you can read here, is one moisture meter for soil an effective tool for you who want to give your plants the best possible growth conditions.

It can be used for both your indoor plants and outdoor plants, and you can use the measurements to give the plant what it needs based on the meter's analysis and recommendations.

The meter is easy to use and you can find exactly the model that suits you. From the simple analogue model, to the digital and the more advanced and thorough smart meter. You can get a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the three models in the table above. You can find all three models here on this page. Have fun with your moisture meter!

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Remember that we are always ready to help you with advice and guidance in light and measuring instruments for plants

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