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Cinnamon basil can be advantageously planted in the greenhouse, as it attracts bees and deters flies. It is also suitable for a pot in a warm, sunny place, delicious with food.


Basil Cinnamon

Cinnamon Basil is a beautiful and fragrant plant, suitable as both an ornamental plant and herb.

The plant is compact with purple flowers, which have a good taste, delicious for salad, or various dishes with a spicy taste.

Can be used both fresh and dried.

Grows up to 30-60 cm tall, bushy low growth, must be planted in a warm and sunny location.

Best grown in a smart indoor vegetable garden or in the greenhouse, as well as on the windowsill.


Place sunny and warm in nutrient-rich soil with an even supply of water. After sowing, the soil is kept moist until germination is well under way.

Pre-sprout indoors from April to May

Harvested in July to September


Suitable for smart garden – Indoor kitchen garden

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