Basil Seeds, Lemon – Lemon basil, Hornum

Basil Seeds, Lemon – Lemon basil, Hornum

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DKK 32,00

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Lemon basil can be advantageously planted in the greenhouse, as it attracts bees and deters flies. It is also suitable for a pot in a warm, sunny place, delicious with food.


Refreshing Lemon Basil - perfect for salads and soups

Immerse yourself in a world of taste and aroma with our exquisite Lemon Basil, which brings together the best of two worlds: the taste of fresh basil and the refreshing aroma of lemon. These plants are both a delight for the eye and the palate and will give your kitchen or garden an exotic touch.

Lemon basil is known for its compact growth and small, fragrant leaves that have a delicious basil-lemon flavor. They are perfect for adding a fresh twist to salads, soups and other dishes. The plant thrives best in a sunny and warm location, where it can grow up to 30-40 cm high.

You can grow Lemon Basil in a smart indoor vegetable garden, a greenhouse or on a windowsill. With 150 seeds in each bag, there is plenty to start your own little oasis of fragrance and taste. Harvest your plants from July to September and enjoy the unique flavor all year round by drying them and saving them for later use.

Place sunny and warm, in nutrient-rich soil with an even supply of water. After sowing, the soil is kept moist until germination is well under way.

  • Sow outdoors from May to June
  • Harvested in July to September
  • Can be used both fresh and dried
  • Grows up to 30-40 cm high, bushy low growth
  • Best grown in a smart indoor vegetable garden or in the greenhouse, as well as on the windowsill.

Suitable for smart garden – Indoor vegetable garden, where it can be grown all year round.

What is Lemon Basil?

Lemon basil, with the Latin name Ocimum x citriodorum, is a hybrid plant originating from Asia and Africa. This unique herb is the result of crossing different basil species, which has created a plant with both the taste of basil and the characteristic lemon aroma.

The plant has been cultivated and valued for its culinary and aromatic properties for centuries. It is particularly popular in Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, where it is used to add a fresh and tangy flavor to various dishes. Lemon basil is also known for its medicinal properties and is used in traditional medicine to relieve digestive problems and headaches.

Ocimum x citriodorum has a lush and bushy growth that produces a rich harvest of flavorful and aromatic leaves. The plant is easy to grow and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It thrives best in nutrient-rich soil with an even supply of water and requires plenty of sun and heat to develop its full flavor and aroma.

Take advantage of the exotic and refreshing taste of Lemon Basil in your own kitchen by growing this amazing plant. With our Lemon Basil collection, you get everything you need to get started growing this exciting herb and experience its wonderful properties.

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