Basil Dark Opal seeds, purple basil seeds

Basil Dark Opal seeds, purple basil seeds

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DKK 35,00

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Red/purple basil, seeds, with an intensive aroma, "Dark Opal" basil owes its interesting purple color to a high content of anthocyanins.


Basil Dark Opal seed, dark red/purple - seeds

An exciting herb with a strong flavor and small leaves.

Dark red basil (dark opal) is not only known for its deep red color, but also for its strongly spicy scent, reminiscent of cloves. This fragrance can add an extra dimension to your dishes, make your garden fragrant, and even act as a natural mosquito repellent.

Basil is an indispensable herb in Italian cuisine. The dark red variety adds not only color but also a deep flavor that is ideal for pasta, tomato dishes and cheeses. Imagine freshly made pasta with a sauce rich in this basil – it will undoubtedly be a hit at the dinner table!

Easy to Grow

Although basil is perennial in warmer climates, it can be grown in Denmark as a summer plant. With this seed bag, you can easily grow your own dark red basil at home, both indoors and outdoors. It only requires regular watering and a good amount of sunlight to thrive.

Basil thrives best in plenty of sunlight. The soil should be slightly acidic. The 'Dark Opal' basil variety can cope with less nutrient rich soil, but will not grow as large in such. It needs regular and moderate watering. The use of organic fertilizer which ensures optimal results. This variety is relatively robust, and the primary reason for insufficient growth is often insufficient light.

If you want to grow it indoors, we recommend that you get a strong one grolys lamp.

The seeds should be sown between March and April, either in a seed bed or in pots at home. The seedlings can be planted out in mid-May. The growing period lasts between 90 and 120 days. It is recommended to have a distance of 20 x 40 cm between each plant.

Each package contains approx. 0.5 g “Dark Opal” red basil seeds.

Weight: 0.5 g

Height: 50 cm

Use: As a spice in salads, pasta, with tomato and egg, etc

Flowering period: 90 days after sowing

Flower colour: pink

Growth method: Cultivated as an annual

Leaves: Purple shade

Flower Type: Flowers arranged in long clusters

Location: Sunny; soil with good moisture, slightly acidic, ideally with organic fertiliser.


Read more about the plant variety here

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