Mini Greenhouse - Great starter pack for pre-germinating plants

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Save money and get off to a good start with pre-sprouting your plants with this large Starter Pack 2 with everything you need


Large starter set with grow light and mini greenhouse 168 plants

In this large starter package, you will find everything you need to get started with your own plants.

With the adjustable holder set, the brightness can always be adjusted to the plants' needs through their growth, and with two powerful Pro. tube you won't run out of light. Stronger light means stronger and more resistant plants that are better adapted to planting.

The set includes a 24-hour clock, so that the lamps can be switched on automatically and provide optimal lighting every day.

The professional saw trays are made of strong recycled plastic, so they can be reused for many years – an environmentally friendly solution.

The package also contains coconut fiber which only needs to be added with water to make 9L of seed soil, during the growth phase fertilizer should be added continuously.

The package contains:

*) The fertilizer is added to the growing medium when water is added for the first time, and then continuously throughout the growth phase.

Preparation of the growing medium:Cocos Brix is ready to use on delivery, just add water and fertiliser before distributing it in germination trays or mini-green seed trays etc. Procedure: Dip 1 piece of Cocos Brix into a bucket containing 4.5 litres of water to which 5mL has been added BioPower Part A per liter of water and press regularly on the block.

- After about 20-30 minutes you will have 7-9 litres Coconut soil ready to use.
– Remember to add fertilizer every time you water in the Quickpot under tray.

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