UV LED grow light for plants

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UV light for plants, greater yield and more resilience for plants to be planted in the garden, etc.


UV LED plant light for growing cannabis


UV light causes damage to plants in the same way that it damages human skin. The plants create a defense against UV light, in the form of a protein called UVR8.

It can give the plants more flavor and a greater yield.


Please note, this fixture only has a connection for power at one end with the included power cable, and therefore cannot be connected in series with several lamps


The T5 UV fixture contains a total of 24 pcs. LED chips that cover most of the UV range:

  • 4 x UVB – 365nm
  • 4 x UVA – 390nm
  • 8 x NUV – 405nm
  • 8 x Blue – 450nm
  • Incl. Supply cable with plug
  • Power cable
  • mounting clip


Total power: 5 Watts

Length: 300mm

Supply: 230VAC direct


WARNING! - Never look directly at a switched on UV lamp, as this can damage your eyes.


Suitable for:

uv lamp for plants – Lamp uv cannaweed – UV light plants – UV lamp for plants – UV light lamp,

Reptile, lizards, snakes, turtles etc.

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