Smalliget – Citrontagetes

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Smalliget – Lemongrass herb seeds for cultivation. Citron tagetes is a very beautiful and tasty herb, with many uses and a lovely scent of lemon. The plant is not particularly demanding and can thrive under most conditions.


Smalliget – The herb seeds of lemongrass

Narrow-lobed – The lemongrass herb seed is a small, low, cushion-shaped plant, with some very pretty yellow flowers. The plant has a fresh scent of citrus and lemon. The plant can grow outside and can withstand both wind and bad weather. It is therefore perfect outdoors herb garden, or in the balcony box, etc, so that you can see the beautiful plant in front of everyone who passes by. But it is not only a beautiful decorative plant, it also has many delicious uses. Both the flowers and most of the plant are edible and can be used in many ways. Among other things, they can give a nice citrus flavor to fish dishes, or to fried vegetables, shakes, marinades. It's also absolutely fantastic sprinkled on top of a juicy steak. But you must not forget that lemon zest is also really delicious in the sweet kitchen, i.e. in things like cakes, desserts or homemade sweets. The flowers can also be dried and used to brew tea.

Remember to add liquid BIG A+B fertilizer during growth for maximum yield.

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Read more about the Citrontagetes plant genus here

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