Sweet Basil - sweet basil with green leaves and seeds

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Sweet Basil – sweet basil with green leaves.


Sweet Basil - sweet basil with green leaves - seeds

Sweet basil, is a variety that produces medium-sized, shiny green leaves that tightly wrap the square stems. These fragrant leaves are ideal for salads, stews, soups and sauces. They also bring out the flavor of fish and poultry. First of all, they are an indispensable ingredient together with tomatoes in all varieties. The basil plant can grow between 30-50 cm in height. It can be grown directly in the soil from seed or as seedlings. It also thrives in pots on the balcony or in the kitchen window. Basil can be used fresh, dried, frozen or as an extract.

Basil thrives best in a sheltered, sunny location. The soil should be well drained and constantly slightly moist. A high nutritional content is also essential. It is important to regularly remove weeds around the basil plants. As they cannot tolerate low temperatures, they should not be planted outdoors until after mid-May. It is recommended to nibble the top shoots, as this promotes the growth of the plant. The cut tops can be used in cooking.

The seeds should be sown in pots in March and April. They must be lightly pressed into the ground. To speed up germination, you can cover with plastic wrap. The ideal germination temperature is between 25 and 28⁰C. The seeds germinate after 3-5 days. For optimal growth, the plants should have a distance of 45 x 30 cm.

If you want to grow it indoors, we recommend that you get a strong one grolys lamp.

Sweet basil is a versatile herb with many benefits. It has a calming effect, can work against depression and help with insomnia. It also has antibacterial properties that can help fight inflammation.

Weight: 0.5 g

Height: 30 – 50 cm

Uses: Herb - used fresh, dried or frozen

Leaves: Shiny, medium-sized, green

Location: Sheltered, sunny place; well-drained, moist and nutrient-rich soil.


Read more about the plant variety here

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