SunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light 22Watt 120cm

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LED full spectrum grow light aluminum T8 profile. New Danish developed product. The product is suitable for: leafy green growth, ornamental plants, flowers, potted plants, vegetables, herbs, salads etc.


Full spectrum grow light bar 22Watt

New Danish designed product with a unique light composition that gives more growth and stronger plants.

Ver. 3.0 - Gives twice as much light and growth as comparable lamps on the Danish market.

The design has a higher efficiency than normal plant and growth lamps, which gives a greater yield of plant material per consumed KWh.

The lamp is made of aluminum for extra good cooling and a long life.

  1. Super thin profile for multi-layer plant racks and plant factories - Vertical Farming
  2. Long life
  3. Connects to 230VAC directly - No transformer required
  4. LED full-spectrum daylight gives natural and beautiful colors to the plants and flowers

The daylight spectrum in this fixture is suitable for the growth of: Indoor ornamental plants, potted plants, flowers, salads, microgreens, etc.


Please note, this fixture only has a connection for power at one end with the included power cable, and therefore cannot be connected in series with several lamps


Very high performance on all PPE: 2.2 umol/J


Recommended distance to plants: 
Seedlings/small plants: 20-30 cm
Adult plants: 10-20cm


Radiated power:

  • PPFD @ 5 cm = 265 µmol / m2*s (18,000Lux)
  • PPFD @ 10 cm = 150 µmol / m2*s (11,000Lux)
  • PPFD @ 15 cm = 130 µmol / m2*s (9,000Lux)


Installation instructions
Download the guide HERE


The light

Color temperature (K): 4000+660nm
Color rendering (Ra/CRI): 86
Luminous flux (Lumen): 3350
Type: T8 profile
Dimmable: No

Power & Voltage

Excitement: 230 AC
Consumption (Watts): 22
Light color: Daylight
Spread angle: 110°
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 25.000

Other info

Height: 35 mm
Length: 1200 mm
Wide: 32 mm
Lifetime warranty 2 Years
LED: Full spectrum growth diodes
Base (socket): Cable with plug
IP: 20
Working temperature: -20° - +40°
Compliant: LM80

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