SunLight Pro-Gro T8 grow light luminaire 12Watt 60cm

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LED full spectrum grow light aluminum T8 profile. New Danish developed product. Suitable for: leafy green growth, ornamental plants, flowers, potted plants, vegetables, herbs, salads etc.


Full spectrum grow light lamp 60cm

Newly designed product with a unique light composition that gives more growth and stronger plants.

Ver. 3.1 - Provides up to twice as much light and growth as comparable lamps on the Danish market.

The design has a higher efficiency than normal plant and growth lamps, which gives a greater yield of plant material per consumed KWh.

The lamp is made of aluminum for extra good cooling and a long life.

  1. Super thin profile for multi-layer plant racks and plant factories – Vertical Farming
  2. Long life with built-in driver
  3. Connects to 230VAC directly - No transformer required
  4. LED full-spectrum daylight gives natural and beautiful colors to the plants and flowers

The daylight spectrum in this fixture is suitable for the growth of: Indoor ornamental plants, potted plants, flowers, salads, microgreens, etc.


Please note, this luminaire only has a power connection at one end with the supplied power cable and therefore cannot be connected in series with multiple lights, Supplied without suspension wire!


Very high performance on the entire PPE: 2 umol/J


Recommended distance to plants: 
Seedlings/small plants: 20-25 cm
Adult plants: 10-20cm


Radiated power:

  • PPFD @ 10 cm = 280 µmol / m2*s
  • PPFD @ 15 cm = 190 µmol / m2*s
  • PPFD @ 20 cm = 150 µmol / m2*s
  • PPFD @ 25 cm = 120 µmol / m2*s
  • PPFD @ 30 cm = 100 µmol / m2*s


The light

Color temperature (K): 3800
Color rendering (Ra/CRI): 88
Luminous flux (Lumen): 1835
Type: T8 profile
Dimmable: No

Power & Voltage

Excitement: 230 AC
Consumption (Watts): 12
Light color: Daylight+660nm
Spread angle: 110°
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 20.000

Other info

Height: 35 mm
Length: 600 mm
Wide: 32 mm
Lifetime warranty 2 Years
LED: Full spectrum growth diodes
Base (socket): Cable with plug
IP: 20
Working temperature: -20° - +40°
Compliant: LM80

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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