Submergence trays for QuickPot seed trays STD

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Base tray for QiuckPot seed trays STD. series – suitable for watering your plants


Base tray for QuickPot seed trays STD

Black seed trays in 100% recycled plastic for sub-watering your plants, suitable QuickPot Standard the series.

The tray is designed to provide a good under-watering for your plants, should be placed on a flat surface. The submersible trays provide good root development and uniform germination of your small plants.

The tray is made with grooves and "bumps" at the bottom. There are no holes in the pads, the tray is completely waterproof. Grooves and grooves on the tray are made to create the best environment and watering for the plants, as well as acting as "feet" for the tray.

The tray can also be used as a regular tray under tray for your larger pots you use for repotting. Put your pots in the tray and place any a sub-irrigation blanket first to ensure optimal watering.


Size: 51.5 x 33 cm


NOTE: Only fits the Standard series of seed trays

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