Germination trays for microgreens with holes 20mm


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Germination trays for Microgreens with holes, 20mm internal height - DANISH series


Micro green tray with holes 20mm

Dutch designed seed trays for growing microgreens. The functional design makes growing the vitamin-rich herbs easy and hygienic.

Microgreen QuickPot(QP) tray with drain, is part of a microgreen tray set. The bottom of the tray is designed with large grooves and holes which help with drainage and watering.

Microgreen drain tray is made of 100% recycled plastic, and is food approved.


The tray should be used with an under-watering tray from the QuickPot Danish series.


Size: 31 x 53 x 2 cm (H: 3cm outside)

NOTE: Fits only the DANISH series of seed trays (D)

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