Root Explosion – get more and stronger roots on plants


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Bacteria and fungi cultures for stronger and more robust root nets. Used by professional horticulturists to increase yield by up to 150%. Root Explosion makes sure to give your plants the best conditions to grow big and beautiful. Root Explosion gives your plant all the nutrition it needs. Root Explosion ensures that the plant's roots become strong and robust so that they can grow big and beautiful. Root Explosion contains 5 different types of bacteria and 18 different mycorrhizal fungi which help absorb the nutrients and moisture of the surrounding soil and transfer it to your plant.




Root Explosion – Big Plant Science

Root Explosion provides the best possible growth for your plants. Root Explosion ensures that your plants achieve large and strong roots as the content is based on effective microorganisms and fungi that help the plant to grow as best as possible. Root Explosion ensures that your plants get the best conditions to grow big and beautiful.

It is important to keep your plants healthy, therefore you must pay attention to whether the plants get the right amount of fertilizer and the ideal fertilizer that can create the most growth and make the plant as healthy as possible. This plant fertilizer ensures that your plants get a solid root network that can easily absorb more micronutrients from the environment.


With the product, you get a strong increase in:

  • The root network with up to 150%
  • Phosphorus intake is increased up to 118%
  • The plant's enzyme production increases up to 250%


Root Explosion from Big Plant Science contains a composition of 5 bioactive bacterial cultures and 18 different endo/ecto mycorrhizal fungi, with the addition of a bioactive complex consisting of humic acid, seaweed, vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids.


What is a mycorrhizal fungus?

The mycorrhizal fungus has existed in the soil for many millions of years. Mycorrhiza is a type of fungus that ensures that the plants have a strong root network by absorbing sugar from the plants, after which it creates moisture and collects nutrients from the surrounding soil. Mycorrhiza greatly increases the absorption capacity of a plant, as it acts as an extension of the plant's root system.


Indicative use of the product:
Recommended for when you sprout seeds, make cuttings or repot or transplant.
Root Explosion can also be used to boost a homemade fertilizer tea with a very effective effect.


Dosage for growth medium:

  • By germination of seeds: add 2g. per 1 L of soil or growth medium
  • Cuttings production in smaller pots: Mix 2-4g per 1 L of soil or Coco mix
  • Repotting for larger pots: Sprinkle 2-4g. into the hole before repotting
  • Regular use; Add once 2-4g/plant when watering every 14 days
  • Boost homemade fertilizer tea, add 2-4g per 1 L of water.


How to use Root Explosion:

When your seedlings have germinated or your cuttings have taken root, they must be repotted into larger pots.
This is where you mix Root Explosion with your soil or coco before putting it in the pots and the plants get into the soil or coco.
Leave the plants in the small pots for about 1-2 weeks. During that period, the roots develop in collaboration with the 5 highly effective bacterial cultures and 18 different Endo & Ecto mycorrhizal fungi. When you repot the plants into larger pots, bacteria and fungi move the culture over to the large ones

We recommend here that you sprinkle 2-4 g into the hole that the plant is going into.
Boost your homemade fertilizer tea, with highly effective bacteria and mycorrhizal mushroom powder, by adding 2g per 1 L of water, the mixture must stand min. 24 hours before use.



  • Organic carrier 89.5%
  • 18-Endo & Ecto Mycorrhiza 8%
  • Biostimulant complex 2%
  • Highly efficient soil bacteria 0.5%
  • 199g


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