Palm Focus, Palm fertilizer 1L

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Growth Technology's Palm Focus is a specially developed palm fertilizer for all palms. It promotes healthy growth, extends lifespan and is ideal for palms in pots and open ground.


Palm Focus Palm fertilizer – Optimal care for your palm trees

Give your palms the best care with Growth Technology's Palm Focus palm fertilizer. This 1L bottle contains a concentrated liquid fertilizer, specially developed for palm trees, both those in pots and those in open ground, indoors and outdoors.

Product features:

  • Created for palm trees: This palm fertilizer is tailored to of palm trees unique nutritional needs.
  • Promotes Healthy Growth: Enriched with essential micronutrients, organic plant acids such as humic and fulvic, as well as concentrated seaweed extracts.
  • Extends Life: With its carefully selected formula, this fertilizer ensures a long life for palm trees, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Instructions for use: Mix 5ml Palm Focus with 1 liter of clean water. Use regularly during the growing season from March to August for optimal effect. Indoor palms benefit from year-round feeding with every other watering.
  • Safe Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Minimum temperature: 6°C. Avoid the plants drying out.

With Palm Focus palm fertilizer from Growth Technology, you secure your palm trees healthy and vigorous growth, regardless of where they are located.

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