Organic Herbal Fertilizer – Herb Focus 300mL

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Organic Herb Care is a vegan, liquid fertilizer based on 100% plant materials, designed to promote leaf growth in herbs. It strengthens the microbial life of the soil and the resilience of the plant, and is ideal for a number of popular herbs


Organic Herbal Care – Natural Fertilizer for Herbs

This liquid fertilizer is based on 100% plant-based materials, approved for organic cultivation and is vegan. It ensures that both your indoor and outdoor herbs thrive in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

With a high nitrogen content, it promotes strong leaf growth, while the low phosphorus content ensures fewer flowers and more flavorful leaves. Organic Herb Care is rich in pure organic nutrients, trace elements and complex organic substances that strengthen the soil's microbial life and the plant's resistance to pests and diseases. It also contains humic and fulvic acids for sustained healthy soil quality.

About the Product:

  • Rich in nitrogen for healthy leaf growth and low in phosphorus to minimize flowering.
  • 100% plant-based and organic.
  • Strengthens the plant's natural defenses and promotes beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  • Perfect for herbs such as parsley, mint, basil, thyme and many more that are grown for their fragrant and healing leaves.
  • Enriched with humic and fulvic acids to improve soil health.
  • Specially developed for leaf herbs with the environment in mind.

Instructions for use:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Mix 5ml of fertilizer with 1 liter of water.
  3. Stir the solution well.
  4. Apply with each watering.
  5. Remove any flowers to ensure focus on leaf development.

If the leaves of the plants turn pale yellow, adjust the dosage by 1 mL per liters until they get their green color back.

  • Dosage: 5mL/L for soft water, 6mL/L for hard water.

Specifications: NPK ratio: 3:1:3.

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