Orchid Focus Bloom – orchid fertilizer 100ml

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This special formulation is designed for Phalaenopsis orchids and other popular varieties, ensuring brilliant flowering. Use soft water and fertilizer regularly, and place the orchids in diffused sunlight for optimal growth. Proper care guarantees the beauty of orchids for many years.



Fertilizer for orchid flowering: Orchid Focus Flower

Orchid Bloom Focus is the result of in-depth research and years of dedicated expertise in orchid care.

This fertilizer is not only carefully made from pure mineral salts, but it is also enriched with potent organic plant acids that promote orchid health and flowering. One of the most notable features of Orchid Bloom Focus is its deliberate omission of urea. Urea, although commonly found in many fertilizer products, can be harmful to the delicate roots of orchids, hindering their growth and general well-being.

Choosing the right fertilizer for your orchids is crucial. It is not only important to feed the plant, but also to ensure that it is protected from potential harmful substances such as urea. By choosing Orchid Bloom Focus, you ensure that your orchids receive the best care that promotes rich and healthy blooms.

Orchid Focus Bloom

This advanced formulation is carefully designed for Phalaenopsis orchids through all their stages of development. It is also perfect for the flowering period of well-known orchid species such as Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Odontoglossum, Cambria, Brassia and Miltonia. With a complete profile of essential nutrients, it guarantees an abundance of vibrant and brilliant flowers.

Instructions & Expert Tips for Orchid Care:

  • Irrigation: Depending on the variety of your orchid and its current growth phase, mix 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of fertilizer in 2 liters of lukewarm water. For Cymbidium orchids, the dosage should be adjusted to 20 ml per 2 liters. It is essential to use this nutrient-rich combination at every second watering throughout the calendar year.
  • Nature of the water: Always aim to use soft water or, where possible, rainwater. This ensures that your orchids get the cleanest and most nutrient-rich liquid.
  • Moisture requirements: Orchids have a fondness for moist environments! It is a good idea to spray the leaves and roots of your orchids with Orchid Myst 2-3 times a week. In addition to supplying moisture, it also supplies critical nutrients that contribute to the plant's robustness.
  • Additional Guidance: Place your orchids in a spot with diffused sunlight and protect them from sudden temperature changes. This will create the best conditions for them to grow strong and display lush flowers.

With the right fertilizer and dedicated care, you can admire the beauty of your orchids for many years to come!

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