Olive Focus – Olive tree fertilizer 1L

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Olive Focus from Growth Technology is a tailor-made fertilizer designed specifically for olive trees, regardless of whether they are in pots, containers or directly in the garden. It promotes the continued health of the trees and draws on knowledge from Australian olive groves.


Growth Technology Olive Focus: Special fertilizer for olive trees

Growth Technology Olive Focus is created with olive trees in mind, especially those growing in containers, typically in conservatories and greenhouses. Its primary objective is to ensure continued fertility in pots where the trees can remain for many years before repotting becomes necessary. This guarantees that the olive trees receive the essential nutrition for healthy development.

Available quantity: 1 litre

Why should you consider Olive Focus?

Olive Focus is not just another fertilizer. It is carefully adapted to the unique needs of olive trees, especially those in containers. With this fertilizer, you can expect trees that thrive and grow healthily for many years, even in confined spaces such as pots.

What makes Olive Focus unique?

While many fertilizers are universal and suitable for many plant types, Olive Focus is dedicated to olive trees, ensuring they receive the exact nutrition they require.

How to use Olive Focus:

For olive trees in pots, regular fertilization is essential. We recommend Olive Focus, a liquid fertilizer specially created for olive trees, based on the knowledge we have gained from Growth Technology's olive plantations in Australia.

The application is simple and straightforward.

Mix 10 ml with a liter of water during the growing season and 2 ml per liters of water during the winter months and water the trees with this mixture.

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