Hydroponic microgreen growing system

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Hydroponic technology for efficient microgreen growth

Our Hydroponic microgreen growing system is the perfect way to grow fresh and nutritious microgreens in your own home. With this innovative technology, you can produce a wide variety of micro-vegetables all year round, regardless of whether you have a large garden or live in an apartment.

Optimized growth with hydroponic technology

Our hydroponic microgreen growing system uses an advanced technology where the plants are grown in a water-based system without the use of soil. This makes it possible to control water and nutrients precisely, creating the optimal conditions for the plants to grow and flourish. With this technology, you can expect a higher harvest of fresh and nutritious micro-vegetables.

Sustainable and space-saving cultivation

Our Hydroponic microgreen growing system is a sustainable and space-saving way to grow microvegetables. This system uses up to 90% less water than traditional growing methods, and you can grow more plants in less space. This also enables you to reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fresh and nutritious microgreens all year round

With our hydroponic microgreen growing system, you can grow fresh and nutritious microgreens all year round. Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, this system can provide your plants with the optimal growing conditions. This means you can always have access to fresh and healthy micro-greens without having to worry about seasonal restrictions.


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