LED Grolys lamp - high output lamp for plants 115W Q


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Cheap grolys lamp for plants


LED Grolys pendant lamp 115Q

Power: 115W


You get a powerful grow light lamp, which is supplied with suspension wire set and power supply cable.
The lamp is connected to 230V directly, no additional power supply is necessary as it is built into the lamp.

The SunLight Grolampen is made of 225 pcs. 0.2 Watt special red and blue diodes, which together provide a growth spectrum suitable for most smaller plants and plant sprouts.

The lamp comes with suspension and English manual.

The LED Grolamp is suitable for:
– Germination and growth of smaller Chiliplants
– Germination and growth of lettuce and herbs, and smaller plants.
– Cuttings


– Covers a growth area of diameter 100cm, at a height of 80cm above the plants.
– Recommended distance for growing plants is 15-40cm depending on the light needs of the plants.
– Recommended distance for plant germination is 20-25cm depending on the light needs of the sprouts.
- It is recommended to have the lamp on between 12-18 hours per day.


The lamp is composed of the following LEDs:
165 Paragraph 630nm – Red ED
60 pcs. 460nm – Blue LED


Radiated power:
PPFD @ 20 cm = 216 µmol / m2 / s
PPFD @ 30 cm = 121 µmol / m2 / s
PPFD @ 50 cm = 78 µmol / m2 / s


Product details

Type: LED Grow Light
Power (Watts): 35
Comparative value (W): 115
Light color: Bright pink
Color temperature (K): 630nm + 460nm
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 20.000
Turn Cycle on/off: 50.000
LED: Red + Blue LEDs
Working temperature: -20° – +50°

Note: the length of the supply cable is 150cm.

 Note for the product: Seed plants should receive: 4-6 mol/day
Growing plants should receive: 10-12 mol/day
PAR@30cm = 121 μmol/m2/S
PAR@50cm = 75 μmol/m2/S


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm

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