Plant light table lamp w. Flex arm, 10Watt

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Grolys fixture with 1 flexible arm that makes it possible to place the light exactly where you want. Wall plug and driver included. USB plug


Grolys with 1 movable arms

Flexible LED luminaire with a long movable arm that can reach all the way around. Can illuminate a smaller plant. With the flexible arm, you can choose which way the light should point, as you can get light 360° around the lamp.

The lamp comes with a warm light, which is also pleasant to use as a reading light.

On the bottom of the flex arm, there is a strong clamp that makes it possible to mount the fixture exactly where you want. It can be directly on a desk edge, a bookcase or something else entirely.

The arm is made of high-quality flexible material that can be easily bent to the desired position. The arm can hold its position once it has been positioned as desired.


  • The fixture comes with a built-in timer, so you can set how long the lamp should be on. Can be set to 2, 4 and 8 hour intervals.
  • The light can be dimmed in 4 different levels between 25% and 100% brightness.
  • Comes with a USB A connector, so the fixture can easily be connected to an adapter known from e.g. one's mobile phone charger. Adapter included.

If you are in doubt about glow lights, you can read more here. Or on our blog here.


Light output:

PPFD @ 10Cm:  140 μmol/m2/s


Power & Voltage

Excitement: 220-240V (5V)
Consumption (Watts): 10W
Light color: Warm white
Expected Lifetime (Hours): 25.000

Other info

Height: 40 cm
Width: 10 cm
Lifetime warranty 2 Years
LED: 3500K
Base (socket): Cable with USB A
Number of LEDs: 28
Working temperature: 0° – +35°

Additional information

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