Lid for Sprout Tray Set, transparent

Lid for Sprout Tray Set, transparent

DKK 29,95

DKK 29,95

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Lids for sprouting tray sets that fit the medium-sized ones perfectly seed trays. With this lid, you can easily create a greenhouse effect for your microgreens, and it can also protect against e.g. animals.


Lid for sprouting tray set

Lid that makes it possible to cover your microgreens, thus creating a greenhouse effect.

The lid, like the trays, is designed to be reused, and can therefore also withstand being put in the dishwasher.

The trays are intended for growing microgreens, and the lid is an addition to this, as with the lid you can both create a greenhouse effect, but also take care of your sprouts against e.g. animals. the top fits perfectly on the medium size of sprout hills (28091 and 28092)

NOTE: The seed tray is not included under tray, these must be purchased separately.


Microgreen is a fun and exciting project for the whole family. When you grow microgreens, you will be able to see progress every day, and the result will be delicious sprouts that you can use in cooking.

Read any more about microgreens here

Technical info:
– Type: PP in transparent plastic
– Size: 33.5 cm x 25 x 5 cm

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 33.5 × 25 × 10 cm



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