Indoor vegetable garden w/soil w/full spectrum grow light 20W LED


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Smart indoor vegetable garden with ONLY water - no soil bacteria


Smart indoor vegetable garden

With the new innovative indoor Smart Garden from Plantelys, buying herbs in the supermarket is over, which will wither within a short time if you don't use them and forget to water them. The Smart Garden takes care of itself and grows fresh, flavorful herbs, fruits and vegetables for you.
The indoor garden automatically gives your plants and herbs exactly the amount of water, light and nutrients they need.

That way, you always have fresh herbs etc. in your own indoor kitchen herb garden EVERY DAY!

Grow up to 7 plants at a time in this smart soil-less Hydroponics water system.

Remember to buy additional fertilizer

The mini garden comes with:

  • Touch panel for setting the light
  • Automatic on/off control
  • Alarm tells you when to add water and nutrient
  • 7 Capsules with growth media for seeds
  • Automatic water pump, circulate the water every 15 Min.
  • Full spectrum LED light that mimics daylight
  • 1 piece. water tank for a maximum of 5 litres
  • Fully adjustable lamp arm with a 40 cm growth height
  • Power supply for 230VAC
  • Fertilizer is not included in the set, must be purchased separately here



The built-in timer is not as accurate as a clock, and there may therefore be a deviation over time, it may therefore be necessary to reset the built-in timer once in a while.
Note, product does not contain plants, plant seeds and fertilizer - must be purchased separately.

Read about fertilizer for your indoor kitchen garden here:

Technical Information:

EAN 5710777280110
Consumption (Watts) 20
Socket / Socket Wire
Light color (Kelvin) 3500
Ra/CRI 87
Luminous flux (Lumen) 1000
Replaces 120
excitement 230
Dimmable Yes
Radiation 90
Width(mm) 140
Length(mm) 350
Height(mm) 168-503
Density (IP) 20
MacAdam(SCDM) 5
Lifetime warranty 2

Additional information

Weight 5 kg



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