Habanero Yellow chili seeds – Hot chili

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Burning hot chilies are traditionally used to add a hot kick to Caribbean barbecues, salsas, marinades and bottled condiments, can also be dried


Habanero Yellow HOT chili

Strong 'Habanero Yellow' chili pepper ( Capsicum chinense ) is a very productive variety that produces decorative fruit whose spicy flavor is second to none.

It grows as a bushy, approximately 75 cm tall plant. The 'Habanero Yellow' chili pepper develops many fruits that take the shape of a rectangular lantern or slightly more elongated fruit that is covered with a yellow skin. The skin is light yellow in the initial phase and gradually becomes more intense as the fruit ripens.

The 'Habanero Yellow' chili has a very strong strength of 325,000 on the Scoville scale (in comparison, the rather hot cayenne pepper scores only 50,000 on this scale).

The decorative, nicely shaped fruit forms an exotic decoration in the garden and on the balcony. You can add them to dishes, fresh or dried. Due to the super hot spicy taste, we recommend dosing Habanero peppers very sparingly. Their flavor goes perfectly with meat, sauces, hot soups and stews. Chili peppers are a rich source of vitamin C, B vitamins as well as trace elements, especially potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

'Habanero Yellow' chili pepper seeds should be sown in seed trays in early spring. To germinate properly, the young plants require a well-drained, constantly moist soil and a high temperature of at least 17 °C.

The hardened seedlings can be repotted into larger pots and placed on a sunny balcony or terrace. It can also be grown successfully in unheated greenhouses.

It can only give a satisfactory yield outside in warmer regions.

Note: Habanero pepper seeds must be sown with gloves on. Although we recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly immediately after sowing.

Each packet contains high quality 'Habanero Yellow' chili pepper seeds.

Plant height: 60-75 cm

Location : Sunny, warm; well-drained, constantly moist soil

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