LED light for mushroom cultivation

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UV light for mushroom cultivation. The light is composed so that it gives a greater yield of mushroom material and they contain more D-Vitamin,


LED light for mushroom cultivation - Greater yield

Contrary to popular belief, mushrooms generally require a fair amount of light to grow well. If mushrooms grow in too low light or in the dark and thus do not get enough light, they tend to grow smaller and look a little wilted.

Lamp included UV light the spectrum, which causes fungi to produce more D vitamin, just as your body does when it is exposed to UV light, so it is an effective way to increase your intake of D - vitamins.

Mushrooms should have approx. 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day


Please note, this fixture only has a connection for power at one end with the included power cable, and therefore cannot be connected in series with several lamps


The T5 UV fixture contains a total of 50 pcs. LED chips that cover most of the UV and full-spectrum white range:

  • 25 x 6500K (High output)
  • 10 x NUV – 405nm
  • 5 x UVA – 390nm
  • 10 x UVA – 365nm
  • Incl. Supply cable with plug
  • mounting clip


Total effect: 10 Watts

Length: 600mm

Supply: 230VAC direct


WARNING! - Never look directly at a switched on UV lamp, as this can damage your eyes. 


Suitable for:

Mushroom growth, Reptile, Lizards, snakes, turtles etc.

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