Grow container for leafy greens

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Our growing container is the ideal solution for growing fresh and healthy leafy greens all year round


Fresh and healthy vegetables all year round with a Growth container

Vores vækstcontainer er den perfekte løsning til at dyrke friskt og sundt bladgrønt hele året rundt. Med en innovativ teknologi kan denne container give dine planter optimale vækstbetingelser og hjælpe dig med at opnå en bæredygtig høst. Bemærk beløbet dækker kun over opstart af projektet, selve containeren betales efter afsluttet design med tilpasningerne.

Optimized growth with hydroponic technology

Our growth container uses hydroponic technology, which means that the plants grow in a water-based system without the use of soil. This makes it possible to control water and nutrients precisely, creating the optimal conditions for the plants to grow and flourish. With this technology, you can expect a higher harvest with more flavorful and nutritious leafy greens.

Sustainable and space-saving cultivation

Our growing container is a space-saving and sustainable way to grow leafy greens. With this container, you can produce fresh vegetables in your own home without having to worry about space or resource consumption. This also enables you to reduce your CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fresh and healthy vegetables all year round

With our growing container, you can grow fresh and healthy leafy greens all year round. Regardless of whether you live in a cold or warm climate, this container can provide your plants with the optimal growing conditions. This means you can always have access to fresh and healthy vegetables without having to worry about seasonal restrictions.


Contact us for help with your project.

Bemærk de 1000 kr er start omkostningen ved opstart af et projekt, selve vækstcontainer laves som et kundetilpasset projekt, og koster fra 10.000 til 500.000 kr. alt efter designet.

De 1000 kr. returneres ikke selv om projektet stoppes uden en leverance.


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